001 Multi-Million Net Worths and Financial Blogging with Physician on Fire

Multi-million net worths and Financial Blogging - Physician on Fire

Today’s guest is a delight.

PoF (Physician on Fire) is a rockstar personal finance blogger, accomplished physician, and family man.

He’s grown his blog to about a million pageviews in 15 months (pretty impressive to me), all while working, traveling, etc.

We dive into some awesome stories (Why he spent over $1k in European bars back before he made any money), as well as dig into how we has consistently grown his blog in 2016 and 2017.

There are nuggets of wisdom throughout, and you can find more from him at http://www.physicianonfire.com, or tweet him at https://twitter.com/physicianonfire.

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Show Notes:

Jooicer: Growth Hacking Tool for Twitter

Mailmunch: Tools for building your email list.

Feedly – Enter your fave blog RSS feeds and organize your reading list

White Coat Investor – PF blog as well. Partnered with PoF.

Mailchimp – email marketing made easy mode

Bluehost & Godaddy – meh website hosting platforms (I recommend Namecheap, for a ton of reasons)

Root of good – another ave PF site

The most useful personal finance blog post OF ALL TIME – Mr. Money Mustache

The Simple Path to Wealth – by J.L. Collins

The only investment guide you’ll ever need – by Andrew Tobias

The PoF articles referenced in the show (DEF check out the Sunday Best. I always enjoy those).

10 Responses

    1. I hope so. I haven’t gotten my tickets yet, though I did set a reminder to grab them before they go up in price lol.

  1. Great interview. Even though I am not a psysician, i find most of what PoF writes to be applicable to everyone who is interested in reaching FI. It was interesting to learn about the rapid evolution of his blog.

  2. Just started my blog. Though, I am not a physician or a medical professional so much of this content was helpful. Thank you! Love the specifics (Blue host, Jet pack, and his blogging theme rotation)

    1. Thanks Rebecca! Starting at the very beginning are we? 🙂

      Good luck with your blog, and I’m happy you found your way here!

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