From Band Director to $20k / month – Millennial Money man

Bobby is a real gent.

He has an incredible story, and was kind enough to sit with me for over an hour and discuss life, blogging, freelancing, and hiring blog coaches.

I want a blog coach…

In this episode we dive deep into

  • how he grew so damn quickly (less than 2 years to $15k / mo)
  • how he reinvests in his blog and himself (hint: learning)
  • how he approaches influencer outreach,
  • how he paid off an absurd amount of student loans (he does blog about personal finance after all)
  • and more…

Hope you enjoy this episode, and be sure to leave him some love at

Listen to my episode with Bobby Hoyt from Millennial Money man:

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Show Notes

Making sense of Affiliate Marketing – Blogging course that both Bobby and I have taken.

FinCon – Financial blogger conference!

I lost all my other shownotes for this episode. Dammit! Guess you’ll have to listen to the episode…

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Pete,

    Really enjoy the podcasts and thankful you’re putting them out.
    I want to notify you that the navigation links on the bottom of the podcasts page don’t seem to be working for me. When I click on “2” and “3” it would lead to specific podcasts and “4” would redirect me back to the home page.


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