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If you’re in the online business world, you probably think 1 of 3 things when you hear ‘Neil Patel.’

SEO and digital marketing expert, controversy, or all three.

Neil has had a hand in 4 multi-million dollar online business (woah!), and is well-known in the community for being a hard-truth-hitting, no-bs, brilliant marketer. Few have surpassed his impact in teaching blog and business growth.

I was fortunate enough to chat with him today, and we hit on:

-why some entrepreneurs “have it,” and some others just don’t,

-how he views his role in his businesses,

-why he’s a hard person to work for,

-the importance of learning from real-life hustle and failures

Say hello to Neil on Twitter, or, or QuickSprout (the Quicksprout blog is amazing).

Listen to my episode with Neil Patel:

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