Inside a legendary online marketer – Neil Patel

If you’re in the online business world, you probably think 1 of 3 things when you hear ‘Neil Patel.’

SEO and digital marketing expert, controversy, or all three.

Neil has had a hand in 4 multi-million dollar online business (woah!), and is well-known in the community for being a hard-truth-hitting, no-bs, brilliant marketer. Few have surpassed his impact in teaching blog and business growth.

I was fortunate enough to chat with him today, and we hit on:

-why some entrepreneurs “have it,” and some others just don’t,

-how he views his role in his businesses,

-why he’s a hard person to work for,

-the importance of learning from real-life hustle and failures

Say hello to Neil on Twitter, or, or QuickSprout (the Quicksprout blog is amazing).

Listen to my episode with Neil Patel:

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10 Responses

  1. Man, your podcast is becoming better with every episode. I really like the length of this one. In my opinion 25-45 minutes works best. One thing I have implemented on my blog as well as you on your podcast are these key takeaways. They are great to sum up everything and as a reminder for listeners/readers.

    Neil Patel is definitely a top-level marketer, but I was expacting him to speak a lot more. Well, he is straight to the point, I guess. I love what he said about taking action.

    Keep up the good work! I hope you’ll be successful with this.

  2. The interview was good and had interesting points and information, however, I really like that you summarize “takeaways” from the podcast!
    Helps to focus on what was just said and take action on key points, Thanks for adding that to the podcast.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Andrea! That is really helpful to know. I’m going to trying adding that to the next few episodes as well 🙂

  3. Love your show notes. Really love how you pulled out the “good stuff” It WAS in there. Truthfully was not a fan of this podcast episode however. I felt you spent a lot of time bringing out his success’ and tried to have him share his success to prove himself. I don’t feel like you connected with why HE chose to be on your podcast. He started to open up when he said he was hard to work with. That he was ready for people to be ready… each time he did this, you looped around to why he was successful. But this was not where he was wanting to go. I felt like you could have got really applicable content if you used your questions to guide when they stop giving advice or it becomes repeat content. Felt like you had too much of an agenda, and as a listener I kind of felt like I missed out one what he wanted to share with me.

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