AI for Bloggers

I’ll show you how to use AI to effortlessly create blog content THAT’S ACTUALLY GOOD.

Using AI to create content faster SOUNDS wonderful…

Then there’s the output.

Blog content that looks like a 7th-grade robot wrote it.

The content that makes you *sigh and think “Yeah I could see how Google would never rank this…”

I’ve seen that AI content, too.

But what if you COULD create really great, human content from AI?

What if I showed you how to leverage tools like ChatGPT to automated and speed up a LOT of the blogging workflow…

…but with AI content that actually sounds like YOU?

With AI for Bloggers, there’s no need to settle for “7th-grade robot” content. I’ll show you the AI prompts, workflows, and tools that’ll help you produce content FAST (and have it rank in Google).

“Computers?? Why would we need those? We have typewriters!”

Henry Ford (pioneer of the Model T) once said:

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Few people could see how cars would fit into their life.

  • Horses vs cars
  • Taxi vs Uber
  • Typewriters vs computers

Now it’s AI.

The future of computing (and probably blogging)!

(And by the way, an AI future is still TOTALLY freaking me out)!

But why get left behind? Now you can capture new opportunities with AI (And make more money).

Maybe AI is the future–maybe not.

But it’s ALREADY a powerful tool you can leverage to create content.

And not 7th-grade-robot content, either.

You can program ChatGPT to use YOUR voice.

YOUR jokes. YOUR knowledge, writing style, and keywords (and even have it do keyword research FOR you).

YOUR. Content.

Just created way faster.


AI for Bloggers

The crash course that shares prompts, tips & tricks, automations, and strategies for getting GREAT content out of AI tools.

Become a master of AI blogging.

AI tools can create rough drafts wayyy faser than any hired writer.

But speed only benefits you if that content is GOOD.

There are a bazillion “one-click-blog-post” AI tools out there. A bazillion content agencies that can send you 50 posts in a week.

But remember: You get paid for publishing quality content that you can get traffic to. 💰

Which is why AI for Bloggers teaches you:

How to train AI

  • Prompt engineering
  • Style & voice guides
  • Using AI for research

A rock-solid blogging workflow

  • Reusable templates to get started
  • Step-by-step example walkthroughs
  • Tips & Tricks for having AI edit for you

✅ YES, you can leverage AI in a way that isn’t spammy or illegal and that actually saves you time.

✅ YES, AI can produce great content.

✅ YES, Google does rank AI content.

I can help you do those things.

Here’s my 8-month old niche site, and the AI content that’s currently ranking 👇

Here’s my 14-month old niche site, and the AI content that’s currently ranking 👇

Here’s me at rank 2 for “Jasper AI tutorial.” Annnnd you guessed it. I used Jasper to write the post 🤷‍♂️👇

And did I edit and polish this content? OF COURSE I did!

This content is GOOD. Accurate. Helpful for humans.

I just used AI tools to help me blast out the rough draft (and other parts of editing!!)

Time to think like an entrepreneur. Hire ChatGPT to make rough drafts easier. And faster.

AI for Bloggers

AI for Bloggers is currently closed!

I’ll probably open the doors again in early Summer, 2023.

Join the waitlist below to be notified when it opens ❤️

Risk-free guarantee

Try it for free and with zero risk.

This is a brand new beta course, after all. If you’re unhappy with AI for Bloggers for ANY reason whatsoever, email me within 30 days of buying and I’ll give you a full refund.

100% of your money-back.

~Pete McPherson

What’s included in AI for Bloggers?

Module 1 - Intro to AI

  1. Welcome to AI for Bloggers! What to expect…
  2. AI for Dummies (and Smart People)
  3. AI tools, explained and ranked
  4. AI Blogging Workflow, in a nutshell

Module 2 - Prompt Engineering (for Blogging)

  1. What is “Prompt Engineering?”
  2. Basic prompts you’ll use constantly
  3. Train AI to Your Voice
  4. Feed AI Your Voice
  5. Make AI Accurate (“Facts”)
  6. Make Google (and Readers) Love Your Post (“FAQs”)
  7. Insert Keywords
  8. The AI stinks. What should I do?

Module 3 - Writing Workflow

  1. Prepare your tools
  2. Facts
  3. F.A.Q.s
  5. Keywords
  6. Priming the A.I.
  7. Creating the
  8. Outline
  9. Writing &
  10. Adapting
  11. Wrapping up the draft

Module 4 - Editing & Polishing

  1. 5 VITAL editing tasks for AI content
  2. Making your content more authoritative (E.E.A.T.)
  3. Standard editing best practices
  4. Pete’s Editing Workflow
  5. Other Editing Workflows
  6. Paraphrasing Content (for AI detectors)

BONUS Materials

  1. Google App Script Internal Linking
  2. Google App Script header formatting
  3. Google App Script “extra line break removal”
  4. Spreadsheet “Promptimizer”
  5. SurferSEO + ChatGPT
  6. Using A.I. for keyword research
  7. Repurposing Content for Social
  8. Prompt Cheatsheet
  9. (even more soon!)

Example Walkthroughs

Watch over my shoulder as I create content using AI.

  • Review content
  • Info content
  • Roundup Reviews
  • Listicles
  • Non-SEO content

Your job was always to “hit publish,” not write first drafts.

Now, with AI for Bloggers, you’ll:

✅ Save time researching
✅ Save time writing
✅ Save time editing
✅ Still have GOOD CONTENT that you (and your readers) approve of

Hey there! I'm Pete!

Founder of the award-winning podcast Do You Even Blog. YouTuber. Tech nerd. Coder. Lover of all things pizza. 🍕

Over the years, I’ve created 200+ websites, written 2,500+ blog posts, and wayyyy more.

I currently run a handful of websites, 2 YouTube channels, and 2 podcasts.


This is what led me to AI in the first place, and I’ve spent the last two years really diving into how to use AI for blogging.

The workflows, prompts, and strategies that will help people like US–create more, BETTER content that makes us money.

That’s what I’m about. Welcome to AI for Bloggers 😉


Will Google penalize AI-generated content?

They aren’t currently and it’s unlikely they will in the future. Here’s why:

  • They said they wouldn’t here (Link) AND in their official guidelines here (Link)
  • Google considers itself an “AI-first” company (Link), and is also working on their own AI solution (called “Bard”)
  • AI content is CURRENTLY RANKING.

I have 4 sites, all of which have AI content ranking well.

Google wants good content for humans, not spammy, inaccurate content produced to manipulate search engines. This type of content can be written with AI tools and humans alike!

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. I’m offering a risk-free 30-day guarantee. If you’re not happy for any reason, email me and I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

Is AI really worth using? Does it actually do anything faster!

Yes! Even with my more involved approach (i.e. I do NOT teach a “one-click blog post” strategy), you will still save a great deal of time, especially in the rough draft phase.

Which AI tools will you be teaching?

I’ll be teaching OpenAI’s tools, namely GPT-3 (the Da Vinci model, which powers tools like NotionAI, Jasper, WriteSonic, and more), and ChatGPT.

Will I need to PAY for additional AI tools?

The honest answer is “yes, eventually.” But there’s good news! You can use ChatGPT for free right now, AND I’ll show you how to access the developer playground so you can use GPT-3 for fractions of a penny.

But in the future, I foresee OpenAI making ChatGPT paid-only, and you can also use tools like Jasper, etc.

Does the course cover GPT-4?

Yes! GPT-4 came out during the filming of the core course modules–and I use GPT-4 in several videos.

AI for Bloggers

AI for Bloggers is currently closed!

I’ll probably open the doors again in early Summer, 2023.

Join the waitlist below to be notified when it opens ❤️

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