Should You Sell Your Blog Instead of Quitting? (Plus Selling Tips From Marc at Vital Dollar)

Today’s podcast and blog post below focuses on one thing: selling your blog. Here to chat today is Marc from Vital Dollar—who has sold blogs ranging from $1k to $200k(!). Let’s start with an awkward thought… Not everybody reading this post will be blogging a year from now. Yes, even some of you out there […]

How to Create a Blog Plan (That You’ll Crush💪)

In this post and podcast, I’m sharing why I don’t approve of the “annual New Year’s Resolution” model for setting goals/plans for your blog, as well as what I’d suggest people do instead—or at least “in addition to!” Here’s a secret: I, Pete McPherson, am a master procrastinator. Ya know the stories you hear about college students […]

How to Start a Blog: The Complete DYEB Blueprint 🤑(2019+)

Learning how to start a blog? Below is the most comprehensive single resource on the internet. If you’ve read a few “how to” posts already, this tutorial is…bigger. From setting up a domain, hosting and WordPress… To driving Pinterest & SEO traffic and making money from affiliate marketing and products. It’s all here. Outline: Blogging […]