The 12-month New Blogger Case Study – Traveling Tanya Months 0-3

It’s been a DREAM of mine to release a long-form case study that takes place over 12 months, and I’m excited to present part 1! Please meet Tanya from Traveling Tanya! She’s a brand new blogger (at the time of this post), and we’re going to be following and picking apart her journey over the […]

The Huge Blogging Takeaway From FinCon18 You NEED for 2019

#FinCon18 is officially done, which means it’s time for the dozens of FinCon review posts to pop up over the next week. 🙂 (Which I support by the way. I approve anything that gets more people to this extraordinary event.  I LOVE hearing all the takeaways that folks had). However, something different happened this year […]

Influencer Status: How to Introduce Your Blog & Be Remarkable (at Events)

Bloggers! In preparation for next week’s FinCon conference, I thought it’d be nice to tackle how to promote yourself and your BLOG at in-person events! Meetups, conferences, or even just explaining what you do to your friends–can actually create a memorable impression with lasting impact. This was originally a podcast episode >> Listen on \\ […]