Birthday Blog Reviews for Coronavirus Aid!



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FINAL TALLY: We raised $743 for COVID-19 aid!

I rounded up to $750 and sent those funds to…

  • WHO (World Health Organization) COVID-19 fund
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Feeding America COVID-19 Response Fund

Thursday, March 26th is my birthday.

Turning 22 thank-you-VERY-much.


To celebrate, add value, and help the world–all at the same time–I’m running a birthday livestream to raise money for COVID-19 aid!

  • When? Thursday, 3/26/20 at 1pm ET
  • Where? On my YouTube channel (here’s the specific link)
  • What? I’ll be absolutely plowing through blog reviews, homepage teardowns, SEO audits, etc,–for hopefully 100 blogs (or more)

Want to have your blog reviewed & roasted?

I’ll mostly be finding websites at random–but if YOU’D like to include your site (and help people at the same time of course)…

Here’s what you do:

  1. Donate any amount of money at
  2. Leave your blog URL in the PayPal Note
  4. (The more you donate the more time we’ll spend on your site)



BTW – you might also learn a thing or two watching be roast other people’s sites.

And learning is good. ????

So come hang with me and let’s do fun things on the internet ????

Mind sharing this post?

I almost NEEVVVER specifically request for people to share my content on social media, but this is one of those times.

Let’s make this a thing. Please share!

Don’t forget that “Crush Your Content” is now free!

It’s my course on productivity (specifically for creators).

And it’s free for the next few months!

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