Nick Loper – How the Side Hustle Master grew a HUGE blog and podcast.

Nick Loper is one of the most widely-known internet entrepreneurs out there. The founder behind Side Hustle Nation, Nick has been blogging and podcasting about online business for years.

Today, he was kind enough to sit with me and discuss his TEDx talk, his thoughts on content promotion, why he took freezing cold showers every day for 500 days straight, launching new projects, side-hustles, and more.

Nick is FULL of wisdom, and drops a few life-changing nuggets throughout the episode. Hope you enjoy!

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Show Notes & Links from my chat with Nick Loper

Nick Loper Do You Even Blog Podcast

003 Building a Million-Dollar Blog with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Today’s guest is Michelle from

Michelle was kind enough to chat with me a bit about her incredibly successful personal finance blog.

How Michelle Schroeder makes over $250k:month from her blog

We dive deep into a few nuts in bolts, including Pinterest marketing, affiliate marketing (and how it makes her substantial income every single month), as well as how she plans out her content more than 3 months in advance.

Michelle is a delight, and her blog is truly world-class (I mean that).

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Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – A course on monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing. Simply put, the best guide on the internet for this.

Hootsuite – Michelle’s preferred social media management tool.

Michelle’s free Facebook group!

My fave post on her site: How To Take A 10 Day Trip To Hawaii For $22.40 – Flights & Accommodations Included


002 From Band Director to $20k / month – Millennial Money man

Bobby is a real gent.

He has an incredible story, and was kind enough to sit with me for over an hour and discuss life, blogging, freelancing, and hiring blog coaches.

I want a blog coach…

In this episode we dive deep into

  • how he grew so damn quickly (less than 2 years to $15k / mo)
  • how he reinvests in his blog and himself (hint: learning)
  • how he approaches influencer outreach,
  • how he paid off an absurd amount of student loans (he does blog about personal finance after all)
  • and more…

Hope you enjoy this episode, and be sure to leave him some love at

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Show Notes

Making sense of Affiliate Marketing – Blogging course that both Bobby and I have taken.

Rockstar Finance – personal finance blog by J Money, a mutual friend

FinCon – Financial blogger conference!

I lost all my other shownotes for this episode. Dammit! Guess you’ll have to listen to the episode…