BONUS: 5 newbie blogging mistakes to avoid at all costs – Millennial Money Man Part Dos!



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So, in honor of Labor Day, I’ve decided to release this RARE, vault-archive podcast with the one and only…Bobby Hoyt from Millennial Money Man.


You’ve been warned. There are likely

  • curse words,
  • terrible mic sounds (and me munching on popcorn),
  • probably some controversial thoughts.

General stuff we chat about:

  • Top mistakes bloggers make in their early blogging days
  • Podcasting? Worth the time and effort?
  • What we would’ve done different when we started.
  • Lessons learned from blogging/entrepreneur giants, etc.

Listen to this long and unedited chat with Millennial Money Man, part 2!

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Also, here’s another “blogging mistakes” post you might enjoy, from my friend Patrick.

Warning: It’s a bit brutal, but I DO think there are some excellent ideas in here.

Enjoy the bonus episode!

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