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Howdy Do You Even Tribe! Today’s podcast guest is the founder of Proofread Anywhere and the Work at Home School (and summit), Caitlin Pyle. Her story is incredible, and also provides a kick-in-the-butt style of inspiration as well. Enjoy 🙂

Affiliate marketing is like, grabbing random links for Bluehost and plastering them all over your blog, yes?

Maybe, but that’s not what made Caitlin Pyle over $3M+ in 3 years.

Caitlin is an incredibly gifted, focused, fast-talking entrepreneur who plays on a different level than most of us (um. me included).

She’s the founder of Proofread Anywhere, as well as the new Work at Home School.

(Which is already gearing up to be a multi-million dollar launch.)

In this episode, we chat about…

  • how most people overcomplicate making money and starting business
  • why Caitlin got fired a few years back (and then proceeded to make millions from a blog/online biz)
  • the single best “strategy” for growing blog traffic when you’re new
  • behind the scenes of a massive affiliate product launch
  • and more

Caitlin is a rockstar, and is delight to speak with. Enjoy this episode, grab the takeaways below, and also join us in the private Facebook group here!

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Show notes and referenced links

Key takeaways from today’s episode with Caitlin

1 – Don’t overcomplicate monetization (or starting a business)

First, this applies to both blogging and starting a business. ANY business.

We’ll often get lost in the fog of strategies/tactics/marketing/sales/to-do lists/design/branding/accounting/product…….

This overwhelm often leads us to quit.

Let’s break “business” down to it’s simplest form:

A simple transaction between two entities. You give value, you get value in return.

That’s all.

Caitlin reminded us that the single quickest way to make money is by offering something of value. Solving someone’s problem.

(When it comes to blogging, doesn’t this sound like freelancing? GOOD. Freelancing with your blogging skills, and perhaps for other bloggers even, is by FAR the fastest way to make money in the blogosphere).

The proper path to starting a successful business (or even just making some money) is developing skills to solve other people’s problems.

Continuing on this topic…

2 – Make sure you’re always learning valuable skills.

Caitlin brought this up, but this also comes out of Tim Ferriss’s mouth a lot:

Whatever you’re doing in life…choosing a new career, starting a blog, taking on a new project, etc…make sure you’re setting yourself up for later success.

You can do this by considering the skills you will learn.

  • Will this job opportunity bring any sought-after skills to my arsenal?
  • Even if my blog fails, am I learning valuable skills that can transfer to other aspects of life? Or my career?

I love this.

I love the idea of caring more about what benefits the process of building a blog/business will bring you…in addition to successes or failures.

3 – Caitlin’s best tip for newbie bloggers


This is what Caitlin said could bring bloggers the most traffic when they’re just starting out. (I’d add “no matter WHERE you’re at in your blogging journey.”)

Partnering and collaborating with other bloggers, influencers, and even readers in your niche is a proven way to get new eyeballs on your stuff.

  • Guest posting is the obvious one
  • Co-creating products, both free and paid. Why don’t we do this more? Seems powerful.
  • Meeting, brainstorming, accountability groups, etc.
  • Creating product bundles (like Caitlin. Like Ultimate Bundles.)

If I said this once, I’ve said this 1 million times…relationships are incredibly important for bloggers.


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