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Cat Alford ( holds the title of “most recommended person to be on this podcast.”

And with good reason!

She’s a long-time blogger, gifted freelancer, and all-out hustler.

Note: I’m not a huge fan of the term “hustle” as we use it these days, but I think it fits Cat in a positive way!

She’s driven, hard-working, smart, and has a ton to offer us 🙂

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Here are some takeaways from my chat with Cat:

Entrepreneurship is painful.

Getting rejections is painful.

Doing the work required to find the success you are seeking is painful.

Yes, this is straight out of my next self-help book 🙂

You’re going to get a lot of “no’s,” on your business-building journey, whether you’re reaching out for guest posts or sponsorships, or trying to get folks to buy your courses.

Cat is a fantastic example of someone who really just gets after it.

  • Do you really want that $1,000 blog sponsorship?
  • How many brands are you willing to pitch in order to make it happen?
  • How much work are you willing to put in? How many “no’s” are you prepared to hear before you get a yes?

Entrepreneurship is painful–but worth it for those who can persist.

Stop playing small.

I love asking people this question: “What do you think other bloggers should stop doing immediately?” And I was not disappointed with Cat’s response.

Stop selling yourself short.

Yes, this is more motivational woo-woo from my 1st self-help book–but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to hear it ?

  • Don’t undercharge yourself.
  • Don’t underestimate the value you add to your freelance clients & your blog readers.

Yes, you DO have what it takes to be ___________ [your awesome life goal]

Let’s have confidence that we are able to add value to other people’s lives, and let’s go do it.

Let’s do the work required to reach people and teach people.

That’s it.

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