An 80/20 Info Product Launch Checklist [+ case study]

This case study includes a 2018-approved, 80/20-style info product launch checklist that doesn’t suck. Click here to skip to that. However, I highly encourage you to reads the lessons learned from my first product launch, as they’re valuable to ANY blogger launching products! – Pete Stressed. That was how I felt before the launch of the first-ever Do You […]

9 Game-Changing Blogging Takeaways from FinCon 2017

The blogging takeaways from FinCon was originally a podcast. Listen on iTunes \\ Stitcher \\ Google Play \\ Overcast. Also, don’t forget the FREE bonus video showing my biggest blogging weakness, and how a millionaire blogger said I should fix it! Have you ever had the feeling… “Omg, I have to remember this moment for the […]

We asked 100 bloggers about blog income reports: Here’s what they said.

note: there isn’t a single affiliate link in this entire post. If you’ve been in blogging for more than 24 hours, you’ve seen ’em. A detailed blog income report detailing how “Blogsky McBlogga” made over $79,940.12 in her 134th month blogging! Inspirational, motivating, and interesting! (Impressive Mr. McBlogga!) However… If you been a blogger for […]