Why blog traffic DOESN’T MATTER (and what does)

Forget blog traffic. Focus on something else instead. NOTE: All of the content is in the video. The text below just explains how and why this video was made. Watch the video, then please share it with your own blogger friends! Let me be perfectly honest… This video is insanely hypocritical for a few reasons. First, I […]

SmarterQueue Review – The Best Social Media Tool for Bloggers

Below is a non-sponsored SmarterQueue review, a tour around the dashboard, and some quick facts to help YOU decide if this is the social media management /automation tool for YOUR blog or business. I’m a loyal paying customer now 🙂 Raise your hand if you have ever DREADED filling up your social media sharing queue? It […]

How to run a crazy successful blog giveaway [case study]

This post will teach you how to create and run a blog giveaway to grow your email list. Specifically, we’ll walk through my own giveaway results, then we’re diving deep into strategy and set-up! A quick warning: The case study you’re about to read was only accomplished thanks to a personal skill I have: pitching […]