Blog Organization 101 – How to Organize Ideas and Resources

Howdy Tribe! This post on blog organization was written by Misty from Simply Organized Lifestyle, where she helps people like me (and probably you) get organized and get productive. I’ve also added my own notes at the bottom. Enjoy! Successful bloggers will tell you they invest in themselves and their business by constantly learning and […]

Why blog traffic DOESN’T MATTER (and what does)

Forget blog traffic. Focus on something else instead. NOTE: All of the content is in the video. The text below just explains how and why this video was made. Watch the video, then please share it with your own blogger friends! Let me be perfectly honest… This video is insanely hypocritical for a few reasons. First, I […]

The 20 best Email list building strategies for beginners

A consolidated list of the internet’s 20 essential email list building strategies for beginners. Would you like to listen to these instead? Eden Fried ( joins me with her list building tips and tricks as well! Listen on iTunes \\ Sticher \\ Google Play \\ Overcast *** Raise your hand if you’ve heard this advice before… “Starting […]