[Reader Spotlight] My First Year of Blogging: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Sup Do You Even Tribe! Pete here. Below is an auughh-may-zing guest post from my good friend (and Blogger U member) Jenny from Good Life. Better. There are some INCREDIBLY valuable lessons here from her first year of blogging, and I hope you all enjoy! I first started thinking about how I would acknowledge the […]

Blogger Burnout: 12 bloggers give their top tips.

Blogger burnout is real. Yes–it causes bloggers to quit, but it also causes something else: A serious loss of motivation and/or focus. (I feel the need to insert a blurb for Blogger U, which launches next week. A supportive community is a HUGE part of it’s business model. “No Blogger Left Behind.”) See below for […]