9 Game-Changing Blogging Takeaways from FinCon 2017

The blogging takeaways from FinCon was originally a podcast. Listen on iTunes \\ Stitcher \\ Google Play \\ Overcast. Also, don’t forget the FREE bonus video showing my biggest blogging weakness, and how a millionaire blogger said I should fix it! Have you ever had the feeling… “Omg, I have to remember this moment for the […]

My Failure Resume: A walk through 40+ failed blogs and biz ideas

We all have failures (some more than others). This post and podcast episode showcases mine…and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a long list of failed projects, blogs that went nowhere, crazy online business ideas that noone bought into, etc. Hope you enjoy 😉 Why did I publish these? First, to boost my own confidence. You read […]