Ok, fine: the December 2017 Blog Income and Transparency Report – $1,128 NET

You might be wondering WHY it took me so long to publish the December blog income report, here’s why: I didn’t want to. Plain and simple. I didn’t feel like revisiting the month of December for reasons listed below, and also didn’t feel like writing the post. “It really doesn’t contain a lot of value […]

November 2017 Blog Transparency Report: $2,238 Gross Income

If you’re new here, you should know I do not approve of most bloggers’ monthly income reports. Especially those that are only used for marketing purposes, and don’t actually provide value to their audience. This is why I’ve labeled my income reports as “transparency reports.” It helps keep me accountable for adding value through authenticity […]

October 2017 Blog Transparency Report – $762 gross, $97 net

Last month, I published the results of a crazy monthly blog income report survey. The conclusion? Most bloggers enjoy income reports and find them useful… However…There was a caveat. The reports needed to be detailed. They need more than “How I made $110,000 last month through Bluehost affiliate links!!1!” Bloggers don’t get value from that, and many even reported feeling discouraged by seeing […]