We asked 100 bloggers about blog income reports: Here’s what they said.

note: there isn’t a single affiliate link in this entire post. If you’ve been in blogging for more than 24 hours, you’ve seen ’em. A detailed blog income report detailing how “Blogsky McBlogga” made over $79,940.12 in her 134th month blogging! Inspirational, motivating, and interesting! (Impressive Mr. McBlogga!) However… If you been a blogger for […]

September 2017 Blog Income Report: $2,306.75 – Behind the scenes of my first 4-figure month

In an attempt to make this monthly income report more useful to YOU, blogger…I include revenues, expenses, downloads and other metrics, monthly wins and fails, goals, and more! Transparency is key. Yes. I made money last month. Yes. I’m going to use this post for marketing my blog. Yes. I CAN add value to your […]

August 2017 Blog Income Report and Stat Breakdown

August was an INCREDIBLE month for the DYEB. So grateful for the Do You Even Tribe…now let’s take a look at what worked, and what didn’t! Let’s be honest… There are a ton of really useless blog income reports out there, with loads of Blueeeeehooosttt!!1! affiliate links and inflated numbers. Those usually aren’t useful to […]