You Need to Be Using These Two Headline Analyzer Tools

It’s blogging 101–write good headlines that drive clicks! However, the thought of spending 2+ hours on a headline makes me cringe. Here’s the simple formula I use for coming up with headline ideas…then PERFECTING them using my favorite two headline analyzer apps 😉 Her name was Katie. 7th grade Pete was in LOVE with Katie. […]

6 easy and quick SEO Audit tips – Blogging Homework!

Sooo my latest mega-ultimate-value-bomb blog post isn’t quite finished for this week….but luckily I’ve had these quick SEO audit tips ready to go! Here’s your weekend blogging homework: When we hear “SEO audit” we usually think “LOTS of time and money and stuff I don’t care about…” Yup. It sounds technical and difficult. So why […]

Site Security 101 – How to Backup a WordPress Blog.

It’s “Fan Question Friday!” Reader Andy Stewart from the UK asks the following…”What are some tips for maintaining site security, preventing hackers, and how do can I backup my WordPress blog? Great question Andy! This guide is also available in podcast format on \\ iTunes \\ Stitcher \\ Google Play \\ Overcast \\ Spotify It only […]