The “Copywriting Trifecta” That’ll Help You STAND OUT: Kira Hug



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Ah yes, words!

Whether or not you think of words as “CoPyWrItInG” or not–they’re important.

Even SMALL tweaks to words you use in front of your audience could be the difference between…

“zomg I need this. I feel like you’re speaking just to ME.”


“zomg back to Facebook.” *closes browser tab.

Today, I’m joined by Copywriting Jedi Master Kira Hug ???? host of The Copywriter Club podcast, personal branding know-it-all (in a good way), and all-around awesome person.

I sincerely hope this episdode inspires you to go BACK to your “initial touch points of your brand” and change stuff.

(that sounded uber professional didn’t it?? I really just be “go update your damn home page to be more interesting and in line with your BRAND.”)



Listen to my episode with copywriter Kira Hug:

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Here’s a few more copywriting resources for you:

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