Beginner SEO

New to SEO? This covers everything you need to quickly get up to speed (and start ranking in Google!)

Have you heard about this magical thing called “SEO,” but still aren’t sure what that actually entails doing?

Hint: It involves way more than simply installing the Yoast SEO plugin 🙂

Well, there’s good news and bad news:

The Bad News

Search Engine Optimization & SEO marketing is an incredibly complex topic!

People spend their entire lives learning the ins and outs of Google Rankbrain’s crazy algorithms, technical SEO, and advanced strategies.

There’s a TON to learn!

The Good News

You don’t have to spend 40 hours a week dedicated to SEO in order to capitalize on driving massive traffic to your blog (from Google!).

There are still loads of opportunity to use SEO to grow your blog and/or business.

And this beginner course?

This course will walk you through everything you need to know in order to execute a successful SEO strategy now.

We’ll start on a complete beginner level, walking through the basics of SEO, preparing your site (this is incredibly important), as well as SEO keyword research.

Next, we’ll walk through how to actually create content that ranks well in Google.

By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll be ahead of 90% of bloggers in years 2-4–on your way to ranking fast.

What's Included?

16 HD Video Lessons
Lifetime access to the private DYEB Community & SEO channel
BONUS: Beginner SEO Workbook
beginner SEO workbook

Course Outline

Module 1 - SEO FAQ

The absolute basics of understanding Google SEO and what that means for your traffic.
  • 1 > What will I learn in this course?
  • 2 > Why is SEO awesome?
  • 3 > What is SEO?
  • 4 > How long will it take me to rank?
  • 5 > What does Google care about?

Module 2 - Pre-Writing Phase

Here’s where you’ll nail down your website optimization, as well as generate tons of keywords to rank for.
  • 1 > Why this pre-writing stuff is vital.
  • 2 > Everything site optimization
  • 3 > Everything site structure
  • 4 > The two types of SEO content
  • 5 > Keyword research for beginners
  • 6 > How to produce content that ranks

Module 3 - Post-Writing Phase

Learn how to promote your content and start generating quality backlinks to help you rank faster.
  • 1 > How important is promotion?
  • 2 > What are backlinks?
  • 3 > How to get backlinks.
  • 4 > What can I take action on today?
  • 5 > SEO Tools [free and cheap]
Since joining Blogger U, I've checked a few boxes:
  • Hit $3.5k in monthly profits,
  • Wrote a post using Pete's super easy to understand SEO tactics--it gets 6,000 hits a month now!
  • Got some incredible do-follow backlinks due to his outreach module--one with a 92 domain authority!
  • Joined a community that hustles hard and is willing to help and share :)
I love watching all of our blogs grow under Pete’s guidance!
Blogger U Olivia
Birds of a Fire
Pete’s content and the guidance he’s provided have been the biggest factor in my blog’s improvement and growth besides my own hustle.

I could not recommend DYEB and Blogger U enough.
Blogger U Jason
Winning Personal Finance

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16 HD Video Lessons
Lifetime access to the private DYEB Community & SEO channel
BONUS: Beginner SEO Workbook

The "blogging world's most honest money-back guarantee ever."

I, Pete McPherson, hereby stake my blogging career on the value ROI you’ll get from Blogger U courses.

Yes, by joining our community you are signing up to do the work! 

That said, if you don’t think what you’re getting outweighs the cost, just email me within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll gladly refund you. I want you to be successful—not just a customer.

Since joining Blogger U I've refined my blog's goals, improved my SEO strategy, updated my site design, and made huge strides in finding my personal voice. This has resulted in more engaged readers and a growing email list.

Of the many blogging courses I've purchased and completed, Blogger U is the only one I keep coming back to. I regularly turn to the community for advice, to celebrate wins, and to support others who are walking this unique path. I highly recommend Blogger U to anyone who wants to create great content and make money blogging!

It's the last blogging course you'll ever need.
Blogger U Chelsea
Smart Money Mamas

Who is teaching this course?

I’m Pete McPherson, and I’ve made it my life’s mission to help bloggers grow their impacts and income.

While I used to be a corporate accountant, in 2017 I left that career to work on Do You Even Blog full-time, growing the podcast to 200,000+ downloads and $75k in revenues in the first 2 years.

I am incredibly passionate about creating authentic content that matters to people, and building grands bigger than just blog traffic!

You will find better bloggers and businessmen, it’s true–but you won’t anybody more passionate about blogging than me. 😃

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