How to create early super fans to find a home run offer – Liz Wilcox

Today’s wonderful guest is none other than my good friend Liz Wilcox from The Virtual Campground!

Seriously, Liz is one of my all-time favorite people in the blogosphere.

Aside from being hilarious and kind, she’s also incredibly driven to build an online business that matters.

Her story of early connection (and monetization) blows my mind, and I love the creativity behind her brand & products.

She stands out, and it’s bringing her growth. ?

Here’s what we chat about on this episode:

  • Why making a personal connection EARLY is so valuable
  • How Liz treated her first 300 email subscribers
  • An amazing strategy to reverse-engineer an early products idea
  • and way more.


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Quick personal takeaway from this episode:

Do things that don’t scale (early in your blogging career).

You’ve probably heard this advice before, but it’s easy to skip over.

In fact, the hard part is this:

What are ‘things that don’t scale?’ What should I be doing?”

Here’s what Liz did:

Email back and forth with early subscribers.

Think about it…

Your first 100-500 subscribers are the people who are giving you a chance–BEFORE your big, famous, authoritative, etc.

They’re “eager sneezers” as Bryan Harris might say.

Go above and beyond to develop a personal connection with your early subscribers–they will be 10x more likely to share and invite other followers into your tribe.


Also, these connected subscribers will give you product ideas.

Yes, blog monetization CAN happen in year one (and month one).

It’s a bit of a cliche to send out a survey to your audience like “hey subscriber I don’t really know that well–what will you give me money for?”

Having a connected audience makes that question much easier (and more transparent, anyways).

They’ll be more willing to reply to your survey, etc, and also more truthful in their “here’s the product I’d pay for” sort of ideas.


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  1. WOOOHOOOOOOO!!! I’m famous! Thanks for having me on and not editing the whole thing to 30 minutes or something. haha! God bless those that listen to the whole thing. Every one.

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