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Tell me if this sounds familiar…

“It’s publish day. Yay! I wrote a thing and published a thing!

DANG that took a while.

Now I gotta...

  • create pins
  • post on social
  • write an email newsletter
  • omg

I KNOW email marketing is uber important, but for real…”

Todays podcast is the answer to your email marketing prayers.

Liz Wilcox is here to teach us how to pump out QUALITY email newsletters that get opened, CONNECT with readers…

…and take only a few minutes to write.

Listen to this email marketing chat with Liz Wilcox:

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Seriously, y’all. 20-Minute Newsletters is so good.

I have it bookmarked–that’s how much I use it 🙂

20 minute newsletters

Do yourself a favor and grab it for $22 or whatever she’s charging for it right now.

It’s worth 10x that lol

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