Erika took a 99% pay cut to blog full time (what’s her plan?)



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Want to quit your day job?

Not fulfilled? Dream of a life doing fun, creative things while ALSO making money? And oh yeah–making a difference to people’s lives?

Just one tiny, little, hardly-noticable little problem…

I need to eat and have a place to live and buying lattes would be nice.

It’s true. Making the transition from full-time employed to full-time blogger (or YouTuber or podcaster or entrepreneur) is a tough one to nail!

Well, Erika Kullberg is right in the middle of that transition, and is my guest on today’s podcast!

We chat…

  • Why’d she leave a high-powered law job?
  • How have the first 2-3 months been?
  • What’s her PLAN???

All that and more 🙂

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Other handy resources for making the full-time blogging leap:

So what do you think?

Looking to quit your job sometime in the near future?

Do you have a plan or timeline in place? What could you do to supplement income?

Drop me a comment below, blog tribe!


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