Erika took a 99% pay cut to blog full time (what’s her plan?)

Want to quit your day job?

Not fulfilled? Dream of a life doing fun, creative things while ALSO making money? And oh yeah–making a difference to people’s lives?

Just one tiny, little, hardly-noticable little problem…

I need to eat and have a place to live and buying lattes would be nice.

It’s true. Making the transition from full-time employed to full-time blogger (or YouTuber or podcaster or entrepreneur) is a tough one to nail!

Well, Erika Kullberg is right in the middle of that transition, and is my guest on today’s podcast!

We chat…

  • Why’d she leave a high-powered law job?
  • How have the first 2-3 months been?
  • What’s her PLAN???

All that and more 🙂

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Other handy resources for making the full-time blogging leap:

So what do you think?

Looking to quit your job sometime in the near future?

Do you have a plan or timeline in place? What could you do to supplement income?

Drop me a comment below, blog tribe!


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One Response

  1. I ran into this wonderful podcast and am thankful to have heard it.

    I was excited to see that it was Erika as your guest. I started following her channel when she had fewer than 300 subscribers. She is now rapidly approaching 30K subscribers in – just a few months. This growth is well deserved!

    I am retired (now down to only 60 hours a week LOL) I love watching young people succeed. I spend most of my time helping FORMERLY endangered young people rebuild their lives.

    I have used her as an example of what to do. She took a great idea and applied her talents, energy and passion to it.

    The young people I work with LOVE LOVE LOVE her channel. They have learned so much from her smart practical channel. Actually, I have learned things (after decades as a successful entrepreneur) from her perspective.

    There are so many things that she can say in a way that her audience needs to hear it.

    Trust my COMPLETELY BIASED advice. Subscribe to her podcast. Notice how she approaches problems as much as what she says about solving problems. She is a bright star!

    Thank you, for this great podcast!

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