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I meant to start working on this blog post last week, but then something happened…

Actually, a lot of things happened…

  • I had to fix a critical issue.
  • I needed to edit podcast episodes for this week.
  • I got sick.
  • My grandmother died.

There are roughly 1,799 things calling for my attention these days, only two of which are DYEB and launching Online Impact.

Wait, what’s that?

You understand????

I know you do.

After 2 years, 100+ podcast interviews, and thousands of emails with bloggers…

“Struggling to find enough time” is easily the #1 issue we all feel.

In this post, I’ll show you how to “find” more time to work in your blog and business every week.

Sound too good to be true?

Possibly. We shall see.

A quick note of caution…

I will NOT be suggesting productivity hacks, focus hacks, or any other magic hacks that’ll result in your calendar mysteriously containing more free time.

No, what is in this post is sadly a lot harder than that.

You’ve been warned.

Last Saturday, I was sick (but it didn’t matter).

I may have woke up feeling exhausted (never a good sign), but there was no way in HECK I was missing my son’s soccer game.

(I also missed out on college football, which I’m into.)

This was my 4yr-old’s first organized sporting event, and I was determined to be there.

There was no need to pencil it in on the calendar or set reminders. I thought of little else.

It was important to me.

We set aside time for things–for a reason.

  • You spend time with your friends because it makes you happy.
  • You spend time at work because you need money.
  • You spend time parenting because–well, you don’t have a choice.

#jokes ????

If your podcast makes decent money, it’s probably fairly easy to spend time on that.

If working on your blog sincerely brings you INCREDIBLE joy every time you sit down to work on it–you probably don’t have issues finding time to do that.

If that statement makes you feel “UGH NO Pete–I love blogging and still wish I could have more time to work on it…” don’t worry, I’m with you!


  • Exactly how much do you NEED or WANT to build the thing you’re building?
  • Exactly how much is your online business already contributing to your financial well-being?

Carving out 12 hours a week for your 14-month old blog that’s producing $500/mo is far easier than if it’s producing $0/mo.

Just how strong is “your why?”

There’s no shortage of people trying to help you figure out what’s important to you

For those who have been in self-improvement or blogging for more than a hot minute–you’ve probably heard phrases like “find your why!” and “you MUST know your why!

  • Corny? Yes.
  • Overused? Yes.
  • Misunderstood? Yes.
  • Still important? YES.

My “why” for attending my kid’s soccer game was insanely strong…

  • I want to be there for him.
  • I want to be a good dad.

My “why” for working 40 hours a week on DYEB and Online Impact is equally strong.

  • I want to change the way people work.
  • I want to help people build better lives for themselves
  • This is my job. I NEED this to put food on the table.

Note: It’s 9:01pm as I’m writing this and I DO NOT WANT TO WRITE. I’m tired–but this post is important to me on it’s own AND it’s part of my launch strategy for Online Impact. It’s getting done.

What’s your “why” for working on your online business? Is it strong enough to warrant commitment?

In terms of putting your blog on your calendar, your “why” has to be important enough to push other stuff off.

Just how high a priority is your side hustle work?

Luckily, there is something you can DO.

Get clarity.

For creators who feel overwhelmed, unfocused, and wish they had more time–clarity is like a magic bullet.

Clarity brings focus and excitement.

When you know exactly what you need to be working on in order to progress towards a crystal clear vision–time becomes less of an issue.


Because you now have more free time after work, or after kids going to bed?

Of course not.

It’s because you’ll start to understand which time-consuming activities are essential, and which aren’t.

It’s because shiny objective syndrome evaporates.

Get clarity.

  • Where you want to go
  • How you’re going to get there
  • What you need to do to make that happen

Clarity makes working easier, worth looking forward to, and worth spending time on ????

How we’re answering this in Online Impact

There’s one little problem I left out until now…

Gaining clarity about your content business is hard.

It can’t always be done in one sitting, or even with one person…

The 3 types of group calls in Online Impact

In our membership community, we’re doing a few things to face this problem for you:

  1. You’ll have a quick intro call where we chat about your ultimate goal
  2. You’ll have one month to prepare for an extended strategy call. At the end of this call–you should walk away with a MUCH clearer vision about what strategies you need to be focusing on in order to grow you business.
  3. One of our two monthly calls is ENTIRELY FOCUSED ON STRATEGY. We’ll split into groups and take turns sharing the “hot seat,” where that person shares their strategy/focus and gets feedback.

That stuff will be on your calendar.

You’ll also have access to a network of people you can reach out to in order to get more clarity when it starts to get muddy.

And it always gets muddy again.

Clarity brings confidence that what you’re working on is the optimal thing to be working on.

Clarity saves time and brings motivation.

The bottom line:

Stuff that doesn’t make it to your to-do list, calendar, or whatever–is the stuff that “gets done when there’s time for it.”

And there’s never time for it.

Setting aside the time to work on your biz CONSISTENTLY only happens it’s important enough to you.

Important enough.

So–if you feel like this is something you struggle with (or wouldn’t mind consistent accountability and help with!), come join us in Online Impact.

We’re like your gym.

Online Impact is the gym membership for your online business journey.

The place you can go to get feedback, support, accountability, and tools–but you still gotta work.

  • You still gotta lift your own weights.
  • You still gotta show up.
  • But we’re there.

We’re there with the tools you need to move forward, and a place that’s open where you can come.

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