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It’s what we hear all the time, right?

  • Focus
  • Focus
  • Focus
  • Yes, thing are super hard, and things might be working, but focus!

Well, Rich from Meal Prepify (and PF Geeks!) kinda-sorta did the opposite.

Rich is here to chat about how he…

  • Blogged for 3+ years
  • SWITCHED TOPICS COMPLETELY, essentially abandoning (kinda) his site
  • Proceeded to crush SEO and grow and find success 🙂

If you have desires to work on any projects, blogs, or niche sites OUTSIDE of what you’re currently doing, you need to listen to this episode.

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Let’s talk about a big takeaway:

There are different kinds of “focus.”

Focusing on what you’re doing right now = close browser tabs. Put down your phone. Take a deep breath and DO THE WORK.

That’s 1 type of focus.

But how about this one?

Focusing on achieving the long-term vision for what you want your life to look like.

That’s different, isn’t it? That’s the focus Rich had.

  • Trying this blog or that
  • Trying this product or that
  • Trying SEO or Pinterest or Facebook ads or podcasting.

All of those are secondary to the overarching focus of “I want to quit my job.”

Or “I just want to make an extra $1k a month.”

The trick is to zoom out–so you can see where the “line” is.

I’m not encouraging you to drop your current endeavor to start a niche site.

I don’t want you to spread yourself thin! The non-vision focus DOES matter…

…but the trick is to find that line.

The line between

1 – I should keep going with this current [blog, strategy, or product]


2 – I should pivot to a new [blog, strategy or product] in order to reach my long-term vision.

Tricky, right???

Welcome to entrepreneurship 😉


Watch this video for a bit more on vision planning, and drop me a comment below if you feel inclined!

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