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A few years, I had a problem…

The few people I had on my email list weren’t opening my emails.

Like, #crickets.

My guess is you’ve felt this before, too. The whole “UGH is anybody actually out there in internet land? Is anybody actually reading my stuff??”

Then one day, I stumbled on a cool solution (quite on accident–and triggered by laziness if I’m completely honest).

I sent out an email that got DOUBLE my usual open rates, as well as a flood of replies (and sales! This was in a sales email no less).

So what did I do?

Actually, I didn’t do anything. I had simply asked some customers of mine to “takeover” my email list and just tell their story.

Yes, the above story was mostly written to set up today’s awesome chat with Jeff Bartsch, the founder over at Story Greenlight, a fantastic YouTuber, and a bonified professional TV editor in L.A. 🙂

But, it should be noted–the above story is actually true!

The first time I simply opened up my email list to my customers, I literally just asked them to tell their story. And engagement (and social proof, btw) went through the roof. I’ve done it ever launch since.

So Jeff is here to help YOU drive more engagement through story..

He’s here to help us…

  • Keep your reader’s attention (and viewers and listeners)
  • Connect emotionally with your content
  • Impact people and build loyal long-term fans ????

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Resources for storytelling & audience engagement:

So there ya are.

Tell me a story in the comments 😉

Actually don’t. Get back to work on your blog, please!

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