How a 1ST YEAR Blogger Found Success Partnering With Brands – Tiffany from The Stoke Fam



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Getting blog sponsorships or paid Instagram partnerships is never easy.

It’s especially not easy for new bloggers with non-mega-huge audiences…

But Tiffany from The Stoke Fam has managed to build a BEAUTIFUL blog that has attracted the eyes of some awesome companies!

Just 10 months in, she’s already closing deals too. ????

Btw, Tiffany is also a member of Online Impact–our super-duper-awesome membership community for driven bloggers & podcasters ????

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In this episode we chat about…

  • Blog design and why it most definitely matters (but that does NOT mean it has to look “good!”)
  • Defining & redefining your avatar
  • Tiffany’s Instagram hacks
  • and more.

Let’s roll!

Listen to my episode with Tiffany from The Stoke Fam

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Other resources for getting blog (or podcast) sponsorships):

First, watch this YouTube video:

Bloggers, ignore the first 3-4 tips, but then rest apply to you.

Next, check out this post (and interview): How to Get Sponsors for Your Blog (at Any Level) – Rachel From Joyful Derivatives


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