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If there’s one area of podcasting that I haven’t done much with, it’s this:

Book podcast sponsorships ????

That’s why I ended up attending my buddy Andy’s presentation at FinCon–where he laid out a nice little system & strategy.

Andy runs the Marriage, Kids and Money podcast, and has had some incredible success booking podcast sponsorships–starting when he had 500 downloads a show!

His show is not so tiny anymore ????

For context, 500 downloads/episode is technically right around podcast “averages,” but I know a ton of people with more downloads–who haven’t been able to do what Andy has. The DYEB podcast averages around 2k downloads/episode in the first few weeks and I definitely haven’t done what Andy has lol.

In this show we chat about ????

  • How to FIND podcast sponsors (specifically where to look and figure out who is paying)
  • Putting together the proposal
  • Media Kits!
  • Turning getting sponsorships into a repeatable system.

Enjoy. I have just a weeeeeeee few takeaways in text format just below.

Listen to my episode with Andy Hill from Marriage, Kids, and Money.

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Show Notes:

Next, I also have a sweet YouTube video sharing a TON MORE TIPS:

Here are some tips for booking podcast sponsorships:

These are my personal takeaways & reminders from this episode:

1 – Build long-term relationships with these brands.

Psst. This tip applies to WAY more than just podcast sponsorships. Blog sponsors, partnerships, guest post outreach, etc.

You WILL hear “no” a lot.

It’s vital to remember to keep the relationship open at all costs. You may have plenty of different opportunities to partner up in the future–even if they turn down your sponsorship!

True story: I just booked about $2,200 in freelance work from a long-term brand relationship that initially started with a “no” outreach!

2 – Be persistent

This also applies to any other blog/podcast strategy that involves outreach.

Just because they don’t reply, doesn’t mean it’s a no.

  1. Follow up with unread emails
  2. Try different channels (Instagram or Twitter direct message)
  3. Do it again.
  4. But be professional!

You don’t have to be nagging or annoying or spammy. You do have to be persistent.

The difference is how professional and respectful you are.

3 – Start your search with brands how have advertised on podcasts before.

Go check out other podcasts in your niche (the large and medium-sized ones) and see who is sponsoring their shows.

It will be a LOT easier to pitch sponsorships to companies who know what podcast advertising actually looks like.

It’s a different beast than other types of PPC advertising to these companies.

Podcast sponsorship track records. Go find those brands.

4 – Create a snazzy media kit

This doesn’t have to take you days and days and a professional design team.

Brands care less about that, and more about “will this show give us sales?”

Here’s a handy article on creating media kits, and I’ll also throw out this media kit from Podcast Junkies as an example.

It’s spot on!

5 – Deliver value beyond “live reads.”

In Podcast Junkie’s sponsorships packages (shown above), you’ll notice they add additional benefits other than “live reads.”

Live reads = you reading your sponsor’s ads on your show in audio format.

  • Banner ad on your site?
  • Social media promotions on show day? Every week?
  • Email mentions?
  • You’ll run an ad campaign with your money? (I know people who do this as part of their package).

No need to get super creative either, just try to get your sponsors a great deal!

Sending referral traffic and/or direct leads is a great additional benefit.

6 – Grow your podcast (and don’t give up)

If you’re just starting a podcast and have little “existing audience,” you might only get 50 downloads the first month.

You might actually be too small to start booking sponsorships. Don’t you worry!

With more downloads comes more opportunities.

Yes, I’m aware this is a cop-out, but it’s also a vital thing to remember.

Grow your show. The sponsors will follow.

Questions? Tips? Drop a comment!

I’d love to hear from you! Did you enjoy this episode w/ Andy?

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