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The craziness of 2020 did bring one very cool opportunity for content creators…

It opened up your audience’s mind to NEW formats.

  • Webinar?
  • Podcast series?
  • Video content?
  • Zoom?

More than ever before–your audience is changing WHERE and HOW they consume content, and it’s never been more vital that you learn how to reach people where they want to consume content.

Today, my good friend Talaat McNeely (His and Her Money) joins me to chat about…

  • Which platforms to focus on
  • How best can we repurpose blog/podcast/videos?
  • How to get past a mindset of “being afraid to sell what you know”
  • and more.

Talaat is an incredible content creator (and businessman btw), and I KNOW you’re going to dig this episode.

Listen below 😉

Listen to my episode with Talaat McNeely from His and Her Money:

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Handy resources from this chat:

Now, let’s dive into 1-2 of my top content repurposing tips:

Repurposing Tip #1 – Find your “lead domino”

Ya know how to make a domino chain? Where you set a bunch of dominos in a line, and then hit that first 1 over? And it hits the next? Etc?

Think of multi-channel content in the same way.

  1. You create a piece of content
  2. Then use that to create another piece of content
  3. Then another
  4. Then another
  5. etc

So what’s your lead domino? What’s the FIRST piece of content you should create?

Blog post? YouTube video? Create a podcast first?

Choose the platform that’ll make creating for all the other platforms EASIER and FASTER.

That’s your lead domino.

Tip #2 – Get better at first takes.

Editing makes content better, it’s true.

But it also takes FORRREVVVVERRRR.

The point?

Do everything you can to make your FIRST take as good as it can be. This could include…

  • Doing more research ahead of time
  • Doing more prep
  • Get better at speaking “off the cuff” (YES IT IS A LEARNABLE SKILL YOU CAN WORK AT).

First takes are particularly vital to audio and video formats–where editing takes WAY longer and is more involved.

Tip #3 – Use subtopics as social media topics

In CONTENT EVERYWHERE, I call these your “bullets.”

Basically, any given piece of content you produce will likely include some subtopics.

Use these for shorter form content on different platforms.


If your 1,900 word blog post has 4 H2 subheaders–you can use each of those for 4 different Instagram stories throughout the week.

Pro Tip: Always have a “home base” piece of content that you point people to. In the example above, you’d end each of those 4 IG stories with “and for even more info on XYZ, go check out my blog post at [URL].”

For way more, go grab my course and start reaching more people 🙂

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