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Outreach emails be like…

I didn’t actually send that btw

Ew ew ew.

Building a business that GROWS and makes money absolutely requires building relationships with influencers…but there’s an effective way to do that, and then there’s, well…the other ways.

Danielle Desir is a MASTER at this!

(I mean, she pitched me and it apparently worked, right?? Here she is crushing it on my podcast).

If you’re looking to…

  • Get more backlinks
  • Do collabs
  • Interview famous folks
  • Get podcast guest spots

This episode is for you, mah friend 😉

Listen to my episode with Danielle Desir:

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More Resources:

If you’re looking for even more on getting podcast guest spots, check out “How to Be a Guest On Podcasts” here as well.

Annnd 2 more resources for new podcasters:

Other than that, make sure to go check out Danielle’s Women of Color Podcaster’s group!

Here’s Danielle’s original pitch email to me:

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