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Instagram is TOTALLY that platform that I know I need to spend more time on, but every time I do–I’m wondering if I’m doing the right thing.

  • This content doesn’t seem to be working…
  • Stories are fun, but only a handful of people view them…
  • Literally nobody is finding me based on hashtags, etc.

Whelp, my friend Kaila is an Instagram consultant & strategist (she just got our mutual friend Natalie, who will be on this podcast later this month, to 10k followers!)

She’s here to answer ALL of my Insta questions. We cover a T O N of content is this one.

  • What to put in your bio.
  • How to use links
  • How to be DISCOVERABLE (I wasn’t lol)
  • Hashtags
  • What type of content works best?
  • STORIES! Lots of tips and tricks here.
  • and more.

Let’s roll.

Listen to my episode with Kaila Ruan:

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Here are the personal notes I took during this interview:

instagram strategy

Instagram resources & tools mentioned:

I won’t lie, even after chatting with Kaila, I’ve still found it tough to overhaul a strategy for IG. It’s definitely work!

Have you found any systems that have made IG growth easier?

Share em in the comments!

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