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This episode with Jillian from Montana Money Adventures goes DEEP on launching a product, as well as combatting impostor syndrome. Be sure to listen to the end for the prize. Don’t miss my free PDF product launch checklist at the bottom of this post ๐Ÿ˜‰

Self-doubt. Impostor Syndrome.

“I’m not big enough…” “I’m not good enough…” “My email list isn’t big enough…”

These limiting beliefs and negative self-talk can be incredibly destructive, and today’s guest is here to help us fight through that.

Jillian is a philosopher-queen, an early retired finance blogger, and a product launch expert (she’d never call herself an expert, but given the incredible amount of insight she has on the subject, I’d like to personally attach that label to her now.)

Seriously, this episode is life-changing.

We chat about…

  • The incredibly difficult process of launching an amazing online course (or any info product).
  • How to play to YOUR skills as a blogger
  • Helping and caring for people is a strategy(!)
  • Combatting and defeating self-doubt

There’s a slight surprise at the end, so be sure to stick around! Enjoy the episode, and we’ll see you in her mini-retirement course ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Show notes and referenced links

Key takeaways from today’s episode with Jillian

So I technically have about 45,301 takeaways from Jillian, but for the sake of your own brain, let’s just hit the two big ones…

1 – We all have impostor syndrome, so do your digging.

Jillian and I have two options for you today:

  1. The long version
  2. The short version (i.e. PLEASE AT LEAST DO SOMETHING).

The long version is this:

  1. Take out some paper and a pen
  2. Jot down areas of your life that are important to you:
    1. Family
    2. Fitness
    3. Wealth
    4. Career
    5. Blogging
  3. Work through each of these separately, analyzing your goals.
  4. Once you have the goals, DO YOUR DIGGING.

And by digging, I mean asking yourself what baggage you might be carrying around in each of these areas.

And by baggage, I mean events or circumstances in your life that may have given you “limiting beliefs.”

And by “limiting beliefs,” I mean areas where you consciously or subconsciously DOUBT your skills.

You’ll be amazed what you dig up.

That said, the short version is this:

  1. Take 60 SECONDS.
  2. Reflect back on your goals and why you’re not there yet.

Do this.

What’s holding you back? Are you telling yourself negative thoughts like “I can’t do this yet” or “I’m not XYZ enough to do this project.”

If you listened to the entire podcast w/ Jillian and DON’T take some small action, please never come back to my blog.

You’re not part of my tribe.

Just kidding (or am I?). Please take a quick minute for this, it’s important.

Do you ever feel you’re not worthy of success? Or that you’re not good enough to be doing what you’re trying to do?

Ask yourself: What happened in my life to make me feel this way?

Then get over that shit. We all have imposter syndrome.

2 – Launching anything? Most of the work will come BEFORE you launch.

Have you ever launched anything to crickets? You work hard building an online course, you price it, you announce it, and…..nobody buys?

Why is this?

Because you don’t know enough marketing? Or your product isn’t good enough? Or your email list isn’t big enough yet?

Maybe, maybe not, but Jillian stresses the huge importance of putting the time in to build a foundation. 

And oh man, don’t we hate the thought of spending time ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of which, here’s how you should spend time 1, 3, or even 6 months before launching a product.

1 – Measure and track engagement.

When you conclude an email to your list with “hit reply and say hello!” Does anyone do it? What percentage? How many people leave comments on a post when you ask them to?

If your engagement is low, people aren’t buying into your brand (read: buying into you) enough to really buy and WOM-market products. Increase engagement first.

2 – Talk w/ would-be buyers. A lot.

This might be the single differentiating factor between a failed product launch and a $500k product launch. How people people did you speak with, actually sit and chat with, in the months/years leading up to building a product for them?

You need to know, not think, but know your tribe. Your buyers. Your customers. What makes them tick? What are their frustrations, their desires?

Find out.

Talk with 100 people. Better yet, 500. The more hours you have talking with people in your niche, the better product you can build for them.

This is the hard part.

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