Jim Harmer shares where the OPPORTUNITIES are for 2021 (Income School)



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Niche sites? SEO? YouTube?

What channels are hot right now (and for the rest of 2021?)

In today’s little chat, Jim Harmer (Income School) joins me (again, see part 1 here) to chat about…

  • YouTube (spoiler alert)
  • SEO
  • “How to produce good content” I.e. what that means, and ACTIONABLE advice for making it happen


Listen to my episode with Jim Harmer on SEO, Niche Sites, and YouTube!

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If you’re seriously looking to go hard on YouTube this year, do the following 2 things:

  1. Come check out my own YouTube channel (#subscribe of course)
  2. Go listen to this mega podcast episode for how to get started on YouTube.

It’s gold.


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