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I kept seeing Elna Cain’s name everywhere.

In Google search results. In random articles on freelance writing, blogging, etc. On Facebook.

As it turns out, she’s just insanely prolific. She…

  • Runs a freelance writing site
  • Is a freelance writer
  • Runs a mom blog
  • Occasionally acquires new blogs
  • And more.

In this episode, we chat about blogging productivity, managing freelancers & contributors, and monetization!

Listen to my episode with Elna Cain!

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Big fat takeaway from this episode w/ Elna:

Give your projects individual time to grow

  • One blog
  • One blog & one podcast
  • One blog & one podcast & one YouTube channel
  • Five blogs

Doesn’t matter.

I think managing multiple blogs (or even multiple channels or marketing strategies) can easily lead to spreading yourself thin (duh).

One important aspect from Elna’s own projects is that she focus on one initiative at a time–until it had grown to a reasonable point.

Past a certain point on your blog, you can probably focus on other things without killing the first blog.

But you gotta give things time to grow.

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