How to Grow (Real) Passive Income Through E-Books: Michelle Jackson



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Self-publishing e-books has ALWAYS been one of those “do these really work” things for me.

It just seems odd.

  • Do people buy these?
  • Are they really that easy to make? Self-publishing just SOUNDS difficult
  • How do these generate income? In any decent amounts?

Whelp, lucky for us, there’s awesome creators like Michelle Jackson (Michelle Is Money Hungry).

Aside from being a fun & awesome person–she’s also been around the blogosphere a block or two, and has built up S E V E R A L income streams with her blog/business.

Several meaning like 10+.

We’re here to chat about:

  • E-books: How to get started, how it works, etc.
  • Is blogging still relevant in 2021?
  • How to determine which potential products resonate with your readers.

(That last one is a profitable art & science, and something everything single one of us needs to learn).


Listen to my episode with Michelle Jackson:

or listen on Apple Podcasts \ Google Podcasts \ Spotify

I’d also just like to point out that a few other DYEB Podcast guests have had E-books as a core monetization strategy: Joseph Hogue and Liz Wilcox.

I kinda want to write a book now. (I mean I feel like I could likely repurpose a LOT of existing content I already have).

Now to figure out what to write about 🙂

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