Inside the Money Mindsets Holding You Back (From Earning More): Business Coach Leisa Peterson



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I feel like most of the creators/entrepreneurs earning OVER $100,000+ a year…

…have business coaches.

But why? Definitely sounds fancy to have a coach–but is it really necessary for YOU?

(and for me? Spoiler Alert: Yes omg)

In this chat I’m joined by a SUPERSTAR coach & money mindset guru (the good kind of guru!) Leisa Peterson.

  • Should you hire a coach?
  • When? How do you know?
  • PLUS: Leisa helps Pete work through some mindset issues regarding pricing, selling, and earning. IT’S SO GOOD.

Seriously, the 2nd half of the episode is straight fire. Leisa is so generous!

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Cool stuff:

And last but certainly not least…

Looking to iron out your plan & strategy for next year? Go check out the 12-week blog planner on this post 🙂

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