A simple, step-by-step walkthrough of starting a new blog from scratch (updated for 2022!)

Go from…

I’d love to have a blog one day”


“BOOM. I have a functional & beautiful blog!

This bootcamp has helped over 5,900 of new bloggers set up their first website, quickly and easily. Going step-by-step, we’ll break down:


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"Pete, this bootcamp has been so great! Such a huge help to me in starting my blog! Thanks for all that you do."
Michelle S.
Joined Nov. 12, 2019

Hi, I'm Pete! I've started over 50+ blogs.

(Yes, I know I have a problem).

I’ve been starting blogs & podcasts & online businesses since 2010!

In case you’re wondering, yes, the first few blogs were TERRIBLE.

They didn’t resonate with anybody, my writing was “meh,” and they looked…bad.

But I did it again. And again. And again.

In 2017, I quit my full-time job in corporate America to podcast & blog full-time!

Ok, so technically I was laid off, but still.

It was terrifying FYI.

But after YEARS of ups and downs–I’m finally able to make a living doing what I truly love doing–helping people like you start blogs & podcasts that make money.

I made about $75k in my first 2 years here at Do You Even Blog, have grown my blogging podcast to over 400k downloads, have gotten speaking gigs talking about blogging, and have generally just hit the self-employed jackpot. I’m incredibly lucky.

One more thing…

I love love love helping brand new bloggers. It’s sincerely part of my purpose in life right now. Not joking 😉

So are you ready? Let’s go and do this together! 🙂 🙂

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