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I know I know…

I have left a void in your podcast player.

Since I’m in-between DYEB podcast seasons–you’ve just been ITCHING for more blogging & online business podcasts, yes??

Well, good news!

Here are some of my all-time favorites (as well as new discoveries!) for creators & online entrepreneurs.

Let’s start with some podcasts you might not have heard of before…

The Not For Lazy Marketers Podcast – Emily Hirsh

Listen for…

  • really great strategies for Facebook ads & funnels
  • short n sweet-ish episodes! Generally 12-16 minutes long (I always skip the first 60 seconds, as it’s the same intro every week.

Emily runs some great solo shows, and is a really good marketer and salesperson herself. Pay attention not only to what she SAYS to do–but what she does within her own business πŸ˜‰

Akimbo – Seth Godin

Listen for…

  • sage advice from the world’s top marketer
  • new ideas that’ll make you ponder
  • interesting historical tidbits about our culture

Seth’s awesome (but only because he was a guest on my podcast here. JK he’s just awesome), and this podcast format is really nice.

He rarely gets specific in terms of strategy, tactics, etc, but that’s kinda the point. He’s helping us THINK about things, and hopefully become better marketers (and humans) in the meantime.

If you’re into the Godin, definitely give it a listen.

Naval – Naval Ravikant

This one’s a bit different…

Naval isn’t a creator like we typically think of–he’s a startup investor and entrepreneur in his own right–and this podcast is less about online business–and becoming a smart thinking & savvy entrepreneur.

I highly highly HIGHLY recommend his podcast on wealth building. It’s the single best audio resource I’ve ever found for this particular personal finance take.

Search News You can Use – Marie Haynes

If you’re into SEO (#highfive), you def need this one.

It’s less “how to” kinda stuff–and more news, updates, and the occasional hot take or new idea. Most of the more “pro” SEOs I know tend to listen to Marie.

Systems Saved Me – Jordan Gill

Listen for…

  • fun interviews with female entrepreneurs
  • strategies & ideas on SYSTEMS, automations, integrations, and organization.

It’s kinda like the title says: all about systems in our business!

Just one problem–Jordan actually shut down the podcast in mid-2021. Boooooo. Episodes are still up for now though, so go listen to some of the old ones!

My old tried-n-true business podcast lineup:

These have been around for a while, but I still find myself listening to on occasion!

Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield

Listen for:

  • great interviews. I really like Amy’s interview style
  • the beginner basics
  • Solid (but not necessarily unique) perspectives

Amy’s pretty broad–and tends to “dumb down” her message in a lot of ways–but that doesn’t mean any of it is bad advice at all.

In fact, she’s one of my favorite interviewers in marketing (I tend to skip her solo shows). Definitely worth a listen, especially if you’re still pretty new!

Oh yeah, and you should probably check out the Do You Even Blog podcast–ever heard of it???

I hear the dude that runs that is firrreeee. So handsome too.

The Side Hustle Show – Nick Loper

Listen for:

  • a variety of guests, topics, and ideas
  • success stories in small business and/or solo entrepreneurship

I just love Nick, and always have. He’s also a great interviewer–and I like that it’s not ALL about blogging, or ALL about SEO, or copywriting, etc.

He has a nice variety of interesting guests–both experts and non-experts alike. I don’t listen to every single episode, but I’ve been a regular listener and subscriber for years.

The Tim Ferriss Show – Tim Ferriss

Listen for:

  • the occasional entrepreneurship episode, otherwise general life-improvement kinda stuff
  • extremely casual (almost unedited it seems) chats with extraordinary people
  • good stories

Like him or not (and many don’t), but Tim’s a smart cookie.

This is one of the main podcasts I binged in the years leading up to THIS business of mine (Do You Even Blog), and I can partially attribute all the work I’m doing–to Tim and this podcast.

Interested in YouTube? Binge these 3 podcasts…

These are specific to YouTube πŸ˜‰

Comments over Coffee – Nick Nimmin

Nick goes through his own YouTube comments and finds good questions–and then answers them on this podcast. I like Nick a lot!

YouTube Creators Hub – Dusty Porter

Dusty’s is more interview and success story-based, and oh look! I’ve been on his show!

Video Creators – Tim Schmoyer

Tim runs a YouTube consulting agency–and tends do repurpose a lot of livestreams to his podcast.

I personally recommend going and checking out some of his older content–instead of starting with the most recent. The older episodes (1-2 years ago) are usually still relevant, and were better imo.

All business’d out? Here are my current non-business podcasts πŸ˜‰

I’m going to argue right here and now–that many of these podcasts can ALSO improve your content & business skills!

While listening to these podcasts…

  • have fun, duh
  • pay attention to how THEY create their content!

Learn from them, be entertained by them πŸ˜‰

In no particular order…

An oral history of The Office – Brian Baumgartner (Kevin Malone)

This will obviously be way better if you’re a fan of The Office–but it’s so well done! Hats off to Brian for his storytelling and narration.

Also, it’s just hilarious.

Twenty Thousand Hertz – Dallas Taylor

It’s a podcast about…sounds. Sound boring? It’s seriously not. Count this podcast as one of the most interesting shows I’ve ever caught.

You don’t have to be an audiophile to find enjoyment here, either. It’s so good.

Hardcore History – Dan Carlin

My official favorite podcast of all time.

It’s about history. It’s about humans. It can get hardcore every now and then.

Subscribe ASAP (and if you’re new to the show–I recommend going and checking out the series on WW1. “Blueprint for Armageddon” or something like that.

The way I heard it – Mike Rowe

Speaking of pristine storytelling–this podcast is a work of art.

I personally recommend going back to the OLDEST episodes to start–as the newer episodes include more dialog and discussion. The old episodes are JUST short stories, and Mike is an absolute master.

Everything is Alive

I mean everything. The Coke Bottle is alive. The newspaper is alive and well, and telling you about her day.

This is the show where inanimate objects take life–and usually end up teaching us an interesting lesson.

The Kevin Rose Show

You can kinda consider this the cousin of the Tim Ferriss podcast–as Tim and Kevin are good friends and tend to talk about some of the same topics. A good listen, especially for those who are into tech.

Popcorn Finance – Chris Browning

My buddy Chris runs a personal finance podcast, and you should listen.

I’ve listened to probably 200-250 personal finance podcasts over the years, and there are really only 3-5 that I stay subscribed to (even if I don’t listen to every single episode). Chris is one of those!

His are more short n’ sweet, and I just like his voice πŸ˜‰

Smart Money Mamas – Chelsea Brennan

Chelsea is also a good friend (and OG Online Impact member woot!), and the work she’s doing in finance (specifically for moms–but I listen anyways) is incredible.

I tend to get the most value from her mindset-focused episodes.

Unlocking Us – BrenΓ© Brown

One of the G.O.A.T.s at this point? BrenΓ©’s podcast has turned out great I think! (and be sure to grab The Power of Vulnerability on Audible. It’s one of my all-time faves as well).

Also, here are my top-recommended true crime podcasts:

I won’t explain each of these, because if you’re into true crime, well, no explanation needed. They’re about true crimes!

(But these are particularly well done)

  • Cold
  • Bear Brook
  • The Ballad of Billy Balls
  • The Clearing
  • Missing on 9/11
  • (and their first season, Missing in Alaska, is good too!)

Comment below w/ your favorite shows!

I’m all ears. Literally.

Drop me a comment below and promote a show you’ve been digging this year!


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