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Have an awesome podcast that grows your biz.

(without wasting a gazillion hours or learning audio engineering)

Give me a few hours, and I’ll have you podcasting, reaching more people, and opening up new revenue streams.



That’s how many blogs there are as of December 2019.


annnnd that’s how many YouTube channels.


That’s how many podcasts.

If you’re looking to expand your audience, make an impact, and skyrocket your audience (and revenue), you seriously need take a closer look at podcasting.

Podcast listenership is growing like crazy, and there is NO BETTER PLATFORM to built the trust and authority needed to run a successful online business.

(There’s a reason so many “influencers” are starting podcasts. It’s an extremely high-ROI medium).

And the best news?

It’s 2021, and it has NEVER been easier, quicker, and cheaper to START a podcast.

Podcourse is an online course that UNcomplicates the journey of starting and growing a successful podcast.

I’m going to show you exactly what to do and make it easier than writing your name.

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Raise your computer mouse if this sounds familiar...

My blog and business aren’t growing as fast as I would like. I don’t seem to get engagement or comments or any interaction whatsoever.”

Podcasting totally sounds interesting, but ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m busy enough as it IS.”

Have you heard my voice? Not even my DOG likes the sound of my voice. And I’m shy. Who’d want to listen to me?? I’m not cut out to be a podcaster.

“Editing? Mixing? Audio Production? All that technical stuff?? *shudders* Super overhwhelming, and oh yeah–ain’t nobody got time for that.”

“I’m really not sure what the ‘ROI’ is from podcasting. I mean, is this going to make me money directly or grow my business??”

It’s true.

When I started my first podcast in 2009, it was a TERRIBLE experience.

  • I literally bought a “Podcasting for Dummies” book
  • It took me FOR-EV-VER to figure out how to record and edit a simple episode
  • It sounded terrible and I hated my voice.

So I quit.

Over the next 7 years, I would go on to start OVER 50 blogs and online businesses.

(Nope. Not a typo).

Most of these were near-instant failures, and I was never really happy with what I was doing (and they DEFINITELY didn’t make much money).



That’s when I launched the Do You Even Blog podcast.

(It kind of happened on accident actually. I was REALLY just trying to figure out blogging–and I asked some successful bloggers if they would let me interview them).

Weird stuff happened.

  • New tools made CREATING a podcast wayyyy easier.
  • I got sponsorship money before I even launched.
  • I got engagement from an audience (essentially the first time that had ever happened from anything I started)
  • People listened.

The next month, I found another sponsor.

Three months in, I created a small product and made $2,300.

As it turns out, PODCASTING is what worked.


  • I’ve interviewed some of my entrepreneurial HEROS.
  • I get to work at home in my underwear (ok I never actually do this, but I COULD)
  • I’ve built a full-time income from my online business.

I have my podcast to thank for launching my entire career.

Everything you need to start a podcast that builds your authority (and business).

Podcourse is an online course designed to simplify the process of podcasting and get you up and running–FAST. By the end of the program, you’ll be able to…

Create podcast content with confidence

You'll learn how to literally make your voice sound better, how to be a world-class interviewer, and how to host and run a show that people will find enjoyable.

Use systems & tools to produce content FAST

Time is your most valuable asset, and one of the core foundations of Podcourse is teaching you how to create, edit, and ship podcast content is as little time as possible (yielding the highest return on your time).

Produce awesome-sounding audio

No need to master audio engineering & production. I'll show you exactly what you need to do to quickly edit, mix, and master your podcast--and the free tools you can use to do it.


Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage of Podcourse!

Come see EXACTLY what everything looks like ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s what’s inside:

HD Video Lessons

Screenshare tutorials & more that'll show you every step of the process.

Private Community

Come get help, feedback, new ideas, and more--with fellow new podcasters.

Office Hours

Need real-time & personalized help? Join the live video call Q&A's with Pete.

Printable Workbook

Print out the 60-page course workbook and take notes, use the templates, and follow the checklists.

The Podcourse Curriculum

Podcourse consists of 13 modules that break down the entire journey, step-by-step. Each section is designed to NOT overwhelm you and give you the exact steps you need in order to launch your show.

Module 1

The Welcome Module

You’ll learn…

Module 2

What you need
(and what you don’t)

You’ll learn…

Module 3

Design Your Show

You’ll learn…

Module 4

Finding Your Voice

You’ll learn…

Module 5

Become a World-Class Host

You’ll learn…

Module 6

Guest Management

You’ll learn…

Module 7

Creating Your Show

You’ll learn…

Module 8

Show Notes

You’ll learn…

Module 9


You’ll learn…

Module 10

Podcast Monetization

You’ll learn…

Module 11

Easy Efficient Editing

You’ll learn…

Module 12

Tool Walkthroughs

You’ll learn…

Module 13

Growing Your Show

You’ll learn…

What’s Included

You get lifetime access to everything for $147


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You can totally try Podcourse outย risk-freeย for 30 days. If you’re not happy with your purchase by that time, just ask for a 100% money-back refund, no questions asked ๐Ÿ‘

The Podcourse Philosophy

To be really clear, this course is NOT for would-be podcast editors. It’s for creators & entrepreneurs.

I don’t care about you mastering engineering…

I care about you producing a podcast that your AUDIENCE LOVES to listen to, so YOU can grow your following, revenue, and business.

I’m going to teach you all my sneaky non-editor tips & tricks to quickly produce audio content (that still sounds GREAT in quality), without sacrificing a ton of your time.

Less time tinkering & troubleshooting audio–more time producing great content and growing your show ๐Ÿ‘

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