“The Preschool Formula:” The key to developing winning strategies.

I’ve heard that several of you might unsubscribe to those meta-bloggers who send you 154 affiliate emails for various promotions. Here’s why you don’t want to do that without thinking this through. This post was originally a podcast, and can be found on iTunes \\ Stitcher \\ Google Play \\ Overcast \\ Spotify

I had an awkward parenting moment yesterday.

It was perfect weather, so I decided to knock out yard work…and took my 3.5 year old with me.

I pulled out the pressure washer, and my son patiently watched me struggle to crank the thing.

After 25 mins of frustration, I let it slip…

“DAMMIT.” I yelled.

My son froze.

He doesn’t know much, but he knows that’s a bad word.

I apologized to him, and also tried to explain why HE should never say that word.

You can almost see what happens next, right?

Later that evening my extended family is sitting around the dinner table, when my 1 year old daughter throws her sippy cup on the floor.

“DAMMIT!” Yells my 3.5 year old.

Everybody looks at him for a split second…then their eyes drift straight to me.


The point: My preschooler has figured out that listening to what we tell him is NOT the ideal way to learn how to live. Rather, he watches our every move.

He emulates us. He is ALWAYS noticing and watching.

He pays close attention to how we talk, wash the dishes, and how we stare at our phones.

In fact, this is an important way we ALL learn, even as bloggers.

“The Preschool Formula” of finding successful strategies:

It’s simple.

Pay closer attention to those who are doing the things you want to do. (But do it smart)

Let’s take Ultimate Bundles for example:

Last week I got the news Ultimate Bundles (UB) was hosting another “flash sale” for the Genius Blogging Toolkit.

ultimate bundle email
Yeah. Gird your inbox.

While the product is great I’m sure (I wouldn’t know. Zero interest in buying it)…the big thing about these UB launches is this:

Bloggers who follow meta-bloggers (that’d be you if you’re reading this) get absolutely BOMBARDED with emails from everybody they follow.

Remember the Elite Blog Academy launch a few months back?

Same thing.

Several members of the DYET reported upwards of 4-7 emails a day across the bloggers they follow.

But you should NOT unsubscribe from these senders. Here’s why:

It’s an extraordinary opportunity to learn.

Have you ever heard of a swipe file?

swipe file
Keep a swipe file!!!

For bloggers, this means this:

Keep a folder where you can stash your favorite strategies, sales emails, blog headlines, intros, good content, designs, etc….so you can easily refer back to them later.

Personally, my “swipe file” is my Gmail.

  1. I created a separate label called “blogs”
  2. I opt-in to people’s newsletters with “[email protected]
  3. I set-up a “rule” in gmail that automatically takes those emails, skips the inbox, and puts them under the “blogs” label.
blog inbox tab
Keep subscriptions to bloggers in a different inbox…

Then what?

I go through periodically and check out what other bloggers are sending.

I creep on their sales emails.

I see what they’re selling and at what price.

I pay very close attention to what people are doing at the levels above me.

Sidenote: Ignore your competition.

Note that I said at the levels above me.

Am I curious what some other meta-bloggers around my level are doing? Sure.

Am I looking to compete with them at all?


In fact, it’s a distraction to me. I’m not looking to keep up with them. #blinderson. Do the work.

Example: Here’s what I’m learning from this Genius Bloggers’ Toolkit thing:

As I prepare for a $40k+ Blogger U launch for July…I’m interested in:

  • sales emails
  • affiliate on-boarding and promotion techniques (that DON’T feel like spam!!)
  • affiliate dashboards and tech
  • etc, etc.

Check out the Ultimate Bundles dashboard, it’s INSANE:

genius bloggers toolkit dashboard
They make it EASY to promote their stuff…

Doesn’t really matter that I’m not interested in the product. I’m trying to peak behind the curtain to see how they run their own business (which is likely wayyyy over $1M+ year).

They do an insanely impressive job getting affiliates to promote their stuff. I want to take the 10% I approve of from what they’re doing, and add it to my swipe file 🙂

So what businesses or bloggers do you watch closely?

Do you have a swipe file?

Are you paying attention to what they do, not just what they say?

Watch and learn, just like my 3.5 year old 😉

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10 Responses

  1. I’m not regretting unsubbing from all those bloggers. Not that I was going to launch a course or anything, but I find copy-writing kind of fascinating. I couldn’t come up with it if you locked me in a room and made me write it, but given that other people are doing it, emulating is much easier. But it sounds so chirpy and happy! Great point there.

    1. ha. You and me both.

      Curious, whose copywriting are you really digging?

      (Given my 8th grade writing style, it should be no surprise I usually pay attention to Neville at KK, Bryan Harris, Noah Kagan, etc)

  2. Heck yes! I do this too 🙂 Awesome post! Always a good idea to watch those in the positions you want to be. Take the best ideas and incorporate in your own business. ?

    1. Thank you Jen, and that was a very special looking heart emoji there lol.

      (I take careful note of emojis for whatever reason). Thanks for coming here Jen 🙂

  3. Totally agree about the whole EBA launch. OMG! SO.MANY.EMAILS!!! I did unsubscribe to a few lists, but you’re right that staying subscribed would be a good learning experience.

    1. It was a lot, but it’s also (sadly) important to remember that it probably made her $1M+ in a week, and that’s not to be trifled with.

      Take notes, and steal the parts you do approve of 🙂

  4. Love this! I started doing it awhile back. I don’t think I will ever launch a course on blogging, but copywriting and the psychology behind it fascinates me. I love reading Melyssa Griffin’s emails and Brad Hussey’s.

    1. Thanks Colin.

      And definitely applies to a lot more of course. I.e. how to sell your ideas? What headlines do they use? What time of day do they send? Ton of stuff to analyze.

      Probably too much actually. #overwhelm 🙂

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