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Howdy , bloggers! Today’s awesome guest is Liz Eischen from Kitchen Table Finances!

Liz’s backstory is kinda amazing–from living with gypsies abroad to competitive rifle shooting to globetrotting with a non-profit, to blogging–she’s done a lot and learned a ton.

In this episode, we chat about

  • That backstory, duh.
  • Productivity (and “anti-batching” Don’t know what else to call it)
  • The “proximity effect” for improving yourself.
  • Way more!

Enjoy–and please drop a comment if you enjoyed this episode! <3

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Annnnd just for fun, here’s a really quick takeaway from this episode w/ Liz.

The Key to Learning: Figure out What Works for YOU (Applies to Productivity)

I’ve written posts on productivity. You’ve read books, listened to podcasts, watched videos.

We learn a lot.

But that’s actually not enough.

Even more important than actually learning a bunch of new methods, strategies, etc, is the ability to take a step back and be objective.

You must not only learn stuff. You must take action, iterate, and adapt–all to figure out what works best for YOU.

Too many people blindly accept the techniques, habits, and strategies of others–without doing proper testing to find out if it’s in their own best interest.

An example from my own life: journaling

I’ve tried. I really have!

I’ve woken up an hour earlier–I’ve stayed up an hour earlier.

Journaling apps? Notebooks? I’ve tried every resource under the sun to journal daily.

Nothing seemed to work–I could NEVER keep the habit of writing a journal everyday, and I NEVER saw or felt the benefits so many other people described.

  • Putting emotions down on paper to “trap” them
  • Organizing thoughts and gaining clarity
  • Enhanced productivity through focus

Yada yada.

The solution? I allowed myself to stop trying to journal, and instead found other ways to get those same benefits.

In case you’re wondering–for me it’s keeping an EXTREMELY minimal to-do list app on my phone–and using it mainly as a “brain-dumping” app. I’m currently using Things 3 on iOS.

The takeaway: Don’t blindly accept anything. Test and optimize.

Now over to you!

What advice or strategies have you tried before–only to find out a different, better way?

Comment below if you’re daring enough 😉

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