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If you’re anything like me–you probably want to be an “influencer.”

Getting featured on Business Insider, making the rounds on local/national news outlets, getting interviewed on every podcast in iTunes…


But of course–it’s a long & difficult journey to getting prime media mentions. Annnnd overwhelming.

Well, my friend Jamila Souffrant (Journey to Launch podcast) has had GREAT success getting featured, and today she’s here to help us kickstart our Journey!

(see what I did, there?)

We also chat about strategic job-quitting & earning more income (something I KNOW you probably care about).

Let’s rock 😉

Listen to my episode with Jamila Souffrant:

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Btw, want to make a plan to quit your job and blog/online business full-time? Watch this video.

4 quick tips to getting more media mentions:

1 – Media begets media

The very first “feature” is always the hardest.

  • podcast guest appearances
  • TV interviews
  • etc

Getting just a handful of “features” or “mentions” ALWAYS creates a snowball effect–making it that much easier to get even more.

The #actionable takeaway?

If you’re brand new to this–just focus on getting one small feature.

Start with smaller channels, sites, and podcasts, and work your way up to the big folks.

This also gives you a chance to hone your skills as an interviewee, AND build out your /about page with social proof.

2 – Use HARO

If you’re into SEO, you’re probably already doing this anyway–but responding to HARO requests, while a wee bit time-consuming, is still a great way to get a few mentions here and there.

(Especially as a great “starting point,” see #1 above)

3 – Keep an eye on Facebook groups

Every time I log into Facebook, I see a notification from the FinCon group with somebody looking for help writing an article.

If I had a finance blog–I’d probably set a calendar reminder every day to check this group and see if there are any opportunities up 😉

(Annnnd you could find these groups for any niche I’m sure!)

4 – Build long-term relationships

Always always always approach “getting featured ANYWHERE” as a long-term game.

The more you can connect with other creators & influencers in your niche–the higher likelihood of developing “inbound” opportunities.

  • Join FB groups
  • Have people on YOUR podcast
  • Attend conferences
  • Email creators you look up to just saying ‘thanks’

Start building real friendships and real connections. These could open up “X-Factor” opportunities down the road 😉


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