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Ryan Robinson ( is one seriously impressive blogger and content marketer. He’s 28 and has already worked with HUGE companies like Google, LinkedIn, Forbes, Adobe, etc. Also, he is a MASTER craftsman when it comes to outreach and pitching influencers! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Pat Flynn. James Altucher. Debbie Millman. Chase Jarvis. Noah Kagan.

Google. LinkedIn. Adobe. Quickbooks. Forbes.

Ryan has worked with some incredible people and brands, wouldn’t you say?

  • How did he land these podcast guests? (Pat was literally the 2nd interview he did).
  • How did he connect and consult with these huge companies?

That’s what I asked him in the podcast episode ๐Ÿ™‚ (show takeaways are below).

Listen to my episode with Ryan Robinson here:

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Key Takeaways from my chat with Ryan:

7 Tips for Pitching Influential and Busy People

Guest posting, landing podcast guests, building backlinks, collabs–all these are a result of relationship building and pitching!

Ryan seems to have worked this out naturally over the years and landed amazing podcast guests in the process.

1 – Speak/write to them like they’re human

Because they are.

It’s important to remember there’s another human being on the other side of the internet.

Professional PR for Startups Guru Dimitri Dragilev once put it this way:

When composing an outreach email, pretend the prospect just walked up beside you on a street corner. How would you talk to them then? What would you say?

Would you say…


Hi Pat!

Just landed on your article XYZ, great stuff! I too just published a similar post, found here: [link].

I have no doubt it’s something your audience might love.

Mind sharing it with them and also donating $40,000 to my PayPal account?

-blogger Joe


Lame. Be a human. Make human connections.

2 – Be short, direct, honest, and transparent.

That probably could’ve been 4 different bullet points, but this is my blog, so neener.

  • Short – If your email takes more than 8 seconds to read, it’s too long.
  • Direct – If you’re asking for something, but VERY clear about what it is you’re asking.
  • Honest – No run-around ideas designed to dupe anybody.
  • Transparent – Don’t beat around the proverbial bush. Be clear on your ask AND your intentions.

Here’s a better email than the one above:


Hey Pat!

Joe here from Joe’s Blog. 

Here’s my pitch: I have something I think your audience would really love–and it’d also make you look really good in the process.

Can I send you more details?

-blogger Joe


3 – Do your research and know what they want

Sending semi-automated non-personalized emails is ineffective.

Heck, ‘copy-and-pasted-but-just-personalized-two-sentences’ isn’t a great strategy anymore.

Do enough research to figure out

  1. How you might help them
  2. What it is they might want from you
  3. Enough specificity to cut through the noise.

When Ryan research out to pitch Pat Flynn, he knew Pat would want promotion for his book–which was on a topic directly related to what Ryan was doing at the time.

Do your homework.

4 – Don’t play the numbers game.

Sure, send the same outreach email to 100 bloggers, and you’ll probably get that backlink you’re looking for.

Or you could play the longer, bigger game of building relationships that will pay off 10x higher than any “numbers game.”

Target collaborations strategically. Pick and choose your path on the blogging journey.

You’ll be in the 1%

5 – The way to any influencer’s heart is through their charitable work

This is a legitimate strategy I heard on the Community Made podcast recently.

One solid tactic for reaching the unreachable is to do your homework and find the causes they care about beyond their own business.

Offer to provide services/value to their side-project charity.

Start by connecting with people at the charity and work your way backward.

Great ideas here. For more, listen to that podcast link above ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s it for me today – I’m sick ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you enjoyed this chat with Ryan, he’s an impressive dude, and also seems to be an incredibly nice human being!


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