From Homeless to Six Figures a Year – Sadie Smiley



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Today’s guest is the one and only Sadie Smiley! This blogger-turned-boss lady overcame thyroid cancer and a serious case of hustler burnout to build her online empire.

She’s also just super kind, chill, and smart.

My type of podcast guest. 🫑🫑

We dive into…

  • Modern SEO (and horror stories about algorithm and AI word-vomit.
  • Sadie keeps it real on whether blogging is still a viable career option in 2024 or just a hobby for masochists.

We talk about creating profitable memberships, and I’m a huge fan of her approach here…

Learn more about Sadie’s Membership Formula here πŸ‘‰ (that’s my affiliate link, of course)

AND–she built a discount code for my audience! Use code ‘DYEB‘ for a nice discount πŸ™‚


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