Seth Godin on Getting Unstuck and Publishing 7,500 Days in a Row



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The man. The myth. The legend (and incredible author, blogger, and podcaster): Seth Godin.

Let’s be clear, I am a total Seth Godin fanboy 🙂

Aside from his podcast (Akimbo btw–it’s at the top of my listening queue every week), Seth has one of the most-read blogs on the internet (not hyperbole) and has written books.

And by “written books,” I mean authored SEVERAL of the most influential marketing books of all time…

In this episode we chat…

  • How to develop a practice of SHIPPING WORK
  • Why Seth does no SEO, no listicles, no sponsored content, allows no comments on his blog
  • Why there’s no such thing as writer’s block.

Before you do ANYTHING else, go grab his new book, The Practice! (Transparency alert, that’s totally my affiliate link ????)

Listen to my episode with Seth here:

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Resources from this episode (and other handy stuff you’ll enjoy):

Takeaway #1: You have to TRAIN to fight resistance

Resistance = anything that keeps you from sitting down to DO THE WORK you should be doing.

(This is from The War of Art btw–see link above)

  • All procrastination is resistance
  • Support communities can be resistance
  • Writer’s block & imposter syndrome are definitely weapons of resistance
  • Listening to my podcast can be resistance

Anything that keeps you from the work you were meant to do.

Here’s the takeaway:

You can (and will need to) train yourself to recognize resistance.

Kinda like yoga. ????

When you start, you’re bad at it. Then you get better.

  • You get better at recognizing when you’re procrastinating.
  • You get better at realizing when your brain is starting to say “who do you think you are?”

You can become more aware of how you sabotage yourself–so you can fight resistance sooner and be more productive.


So what say you?

Feeling inspired to create more? Create better?

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