How to Stand Out & Be Unforgettable: Business Comedian Rachael Kay Albers



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“Oh look. Another b l o g.”

????That’s probably what the average person is thinking when they land on YOUR website.

The internet is a crazy place now-a-days–and it’s NEVER been more vital to stand out, capture people’s attention quickly, and be memorable.

If you can’t grab your ideal audience’s attention in a positive way–no amount of SEO traffic or Pinterest traffic or snail-mail traffic is going to help you.

Sooo let’s work on that!

Rachael Kay Albers is…

  • A hilarious stand-up comic
  • An INSANELY talented content creator, designer, and branding person
  • A GIF master

(Find her at RKA Ink, Awkward Marketing YouTube channel)

She’s here to help us be funnier (yes, it’s possible to learn comedy and practice comedy), and get more engagement from our audience.

We might even use the word ‘branding’ a time or two.

*gasps in digital marking

Listen to my episode with Rachael Kay Albers!

or listen on Apple Podcasts \ Google Podcasts \ Spotify

Huge takeaway: Talent vs Skill

“I could never be as funny as Rachael!”

“I could never perform on a podcast microphone like Pete!”

“That person is just a natural at…”

Yes, some people are naturally better at things than you are.

  • Selling
  • Writing jokes
  • Podcasting
  • YouTube-ing

However, we as creators are CONSTANTLY mixing up skills and talents.

Here’s how Seth Godin defines those:

Here’s the point:

You are capable of much more–if you practice.

  • Speaking on a podcast is a muscle you train.
  • Writing awesome headlines is a muscle you train.
  • Pumping out 3 YouTube videos a week is a muscle you train.

These are skills, and they can be learned, and you can practice them.

Now go build brands that make people laugh (and then fork over their money for your products ????)

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