The Trick to Getting on 1,000+ Podcasts (And Why You Need To): Tom from Interview Valet



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If I’ve said this once, I’ve said it a million times (and I have btw):

Being a guest on other people’s podcast is one of THE best. ways. to. grow. your. audience.

  • For your blog
  • For your podcast
  • For your business

It’s a very high-ROI activity from a time perspective.


Yeah it’s hard. I get it.

Sending pitch emails, following up, getting rejected again and again till you wanna literally sell that $50 USB microphone you bought just for this.


Today, the founder and CEO of Interview Valet, Tom Schwab is joining me on the podcast to help us out!

(Interview Valet is a company that specializes in booking podcast guests btw)


Listen to my episode with Tom Schwab from Interview Valet:

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Other resources for podcast guesting:

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