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Ah yes, blog traffic from Pinterest….

My muse….

I KNOW I should probably be focusing on Pinterest way more…

But omg it’s hard, y’all (at least for me).

That’s why I loooove talking to folks who actually know what they’re doing (and then some!) when it comes to Pinterest traffic.

Today’s guest is a STELLAR side-hustler and Pinterest trafficker Daniella Flores from I Like to Dabble!

We’re chatting…

  • Pinterest changes in late 2020 and beyond
  • Pinterest stories (that’s even a thing???)

That last bullet is worth noting…

We chat a lot about monetization at the end of the episode 🙂

Listen to my episode with Daniella from I Like to Dabble!

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First, is Pinterest dead as a traffic source?

FIRST OFF, please drop me a comment below–I want to hear if you legit think “Pinterest is dead.”

I personally don’t, but I understand that it’s becoming harder and harder for a lot of people.

So lemme know in the comments.

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Now drop me a comment below with your thoughts on the current state of Pinterest traffic 😉

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