Thousands of creators have used my 1HR BLOG POST templates to PRODUCE PERFECT POSTS–super fast.

What if producing quality content (which you need to grow your audience) DIDN’T burn up all your extra brain cells and occupy so much of your valuable time?

With 1HR BLOG POST, there’s no need to stumble your way through blog posts that end up taking hours (days?).

You’ll have the tools to put content production on ez-mode, consuming less time and less brain cells.

Question for you 👉 Out of all the hours you have available to work on your biz, how much time does content creation eat up?

What starts out as…

“this’ll totally just take me an hour or two!”

turns into…

“WELL I finally got this week’s blog post done (after 3 days). But ARGH, I wanted to…

  • Spend time working on my freebie
  • Spend time planning & organizing
  • Spend time sending outreach emails
  • Spend time learning how to write copy for my first digital product.

“Yeahhhhh I don’t really wanna do next week’s blog post now.”

We’ve all been there.

But what if there WAS a tool that’d make that process way easier?

More clear, organized, and FAST?

That is precisely why I created 1HR BLOG POST.

Use these templates to IMMEDIATELY start producing content faster (and with more organization and clarity. Braincells are valuable, after all)

Introducing the


The original template to whip up a blog post in 60 minutes or less.


Your classic "how to" or "question & answer" template. SEO-friendly!


Step-by-step template for producing product comparisons. SEO-friendly!


The classic list post format. SEO-friendly!


A product review outline that ranks! SEO-friendly!


The classic "best of" template for ranking & reviewing products. SEO-friendly!

"But Pete, are these templates for WordPress? Or Google Docs or Notion or Jasper.ai or Joomla or...."


I’ve engineered ALL the 1HR BLOG POST templates for easy use with…

Google Docs
Surfer SEO
Hemingway App

Actually–just about anywhere you create stuff. (You can also just print ’em out).



(Blogging Organizational Airtable Templates)


(200+ content ideas)

COOL TOOLS Checklist

More info on these below!

Let’s be real...

It’s 2022, and some of the world’s chaos has probably found its way into your business/life.

Maybe you have a full-time job. Maybe you have kids at home right now (or have kids, period).

And there are a TON of things you could spend time on, even WITHIN your official working hours.

  • Planning & Admin
  • Content creation
  • Marketing
  • Monetizing

If you’re going grow your income—you’ll need to touch all of these areas…

And my guess is that if you’re currently reading this—you’ve realized that the “content creation” step can absolutely EAT AWAY at your working hours.

(Which makes CREATING start to feel waaaaaay more like a massive headache and a CHORE.).

But what if it wasn’t?

What if you didn’t dread the time it takes? What if you could actually get AHEAD on content?

(Without paying freelancers $150-$400 a post, which you still have to review and edit, btw)

What if you did have the time to…

  • Get more media exposure?
  • Get on more podcasts as a guest?
  • Change your website theme?
  • Fix broken links on your site?

What if you had that time—because blogging was now a streamlined machine of quality posts??

"It usually takes me hours to write a blog post over the course of a week (because I tend to tinker endlessly)....this template was super helpful in getting my thoughts organized and saving me a TON of time with my most recent blog post! Thanks, Pete!"
"1HR BLOG POST is essential for every writing session. It takes the stress out of everything and helps me organize my crazy thoughts."
Susan G.
"The step-by-step videos have helped cut down on the time that it takes me to write a blog post tremendously, and I recommend this product to bloggers in every niche."
"I had been paying a writer to turn my blog outlines into articles because it was taking me so long, the ROI wasn't there for me to do it. Now that I'm using the 1-hour blog post template, I get an idea, sit down, write an entire post, and still have time for a snack."
"I struggled with writing blog posts quickly (it's probably my biggest struggle). But Pete's 1-Hour Blog Post has totally changed that!

The templates and instructional videos taught me what to focus on and how to get my posts DONE. It's super affordable and so easy to use—a must-have tool for all bloggers!"
"A smart and streamlined approach!"

Hi! I’m Pete McPherson, host of the award-winning Do You Even Blog podcast, and founder of Online Impact.

I also produce a METRIC ton of content. 😎

  • 55+ blogs over the past decade
  • 1,500 blog posts written (honestly, this is a conservative estimate)
  • 250+ podcast episodes
  • 300+ YouTube videos
  • 30+ online courses over the past 3 years

I am definitely not the brightest entrepreneur crayon in the online business crayon box—but I do have one thing going for me: I know how to crank out content.

But the truth is—1HR BLOG POST was created out of…laziness.


I just wanted to *think less* about producing content, and I wanted to free up more time to work on marketing and monetization.

At this point, I’ve developed templates and starting points for every single piece of content I create.

(and that includes this sales page FYI. I’m following a template right this second—that I give you in 1HR BLOG POST as a bonus 😉)

With 1HR BLOG POST, I’m going to arm YOU with the tools to make content production easier and faster.

Plain and simple.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What if I’m NOT tech-savvy?

Zero technical skills needed, my friend! These templates are incredibly easy to use (and I otherwise walk you through every single step)

Is this for totally brand new bloggers—or more experienced creators?

Both both both. If you create content on the internet, I can help you do it faster and with less mental energy.

If you DON’T create blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, sales copy, or anything else? Yeah you can probably skip 1HR BLOG POST.

No I DON’T “even blog,” but I do create other content—is there a 1HR PODCAST or 1HR YOUTUBE VIDEO?

1HR BLOG POST isn’t just a template you can use to actually write a blog post—it’s a framework and METHODOLOGY (oh fancy words!). It’ll help you produce content on the internet faster. I use this for YouTube videos every single week.

When do I get access to the templates, tools, and training?

After you sign up, you’ll see a pretty page thanking you—and asking you to head to your email inbox. You’ll be granted IMMEDIATE access to all of your products! That email contains everything you need to know to get started.

I’m focusing on writing for SEO—is this template going to help me at all?

YES, fellow SEO-nerd! You’re in great company here. 1HR BLOG POST is here to help you get through the initial SEO research and content-shaping phase, as well as the actual writing. (Also, your time is valuable regardless of the type of posts you create). These templates aren’t just for short-form content.

Can I buy this, try it out, then ask for a refund?

Yes. 1HR BLOG POST is backed by my 1-year guarantee.

If you decide the templates weren’t worth it, email me within 12 months and I’ll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

How do I get access to 1HR BLOG POST??

It’s easy! Click here to buy it right this second!

It’ll take you less than 60 seconds to complete your purchase, and then we’ll instantly email you access to all your products, where you’re free to start using them ASAP.

(and for the rest of eternity. You get lifetime access).

Who is 1HR BLOG POST for, precisely?

1HR BLOG POST is a perfect fit for any, and I do mean ANY—person who creates content on the internet.

So whether you’re a casual hobby blogger or driven online business entrepreneur—and whether you sell products or services, 1HR BLOG POST is for you.


Content is your bread and butter, and you want to produce a lot of it—consistently. BUT—we all know how crucial it is to ALSO invest time in marketing, SEO website optimization, growing your email list, and more.


Ahhh my people. Your mind & energy should be spent on new ideas, optimization, sales, and marketing. Use 1HR BLOG POST to crush content that can quickly build trust with your audience and get your products in front of more people.


I use these templates for my podcast and YouTube channel every single week, as it GREATLY speeds up the research phase—and helps me get clear on exactly what I’m creating. Snail mail? It’d help you create your content too, yo.


If you produce any content whatsoever (whether that’s for other people—or content marketing for your own services), use 1HR BLOG POST to get it done faster and easier—so you can spend more time serving clients (or finding new clients)!

Who is this NOT a good fit for?

  • Folks who don’t produce any content on the internet.
  • Folks who don’t value their time—or don’t see time as one of their most valuable resources. (Some people truly don’t, and that’s ok! I love y’all too)

So to sum it all up…

1HR BLOG POST is a time-saving game-changer for anybody who creates content on the internet–and who wants to do it faster and easier 👍

Here’s how this works…


Grab your copy of 1HR BLOG POST right here.


Check your inbox for your login information (you’ll choose a password, not me) 🤪


You’ll log into your dashboard, where you can see every product you have access to, and can quickly jump in anywhere you like (I suggest starting with LIGHTNING WRITING, then grabbing the templates 👍)


You’ll bookmark any and all templates, tools, trainings, and resources you like—and use them whenever you want to create content FAST.

Imagine what it’d feel like to get AHEAD on content—so you can focus on other stuff.

Imagine what it’d feel like to not be STRESSED about allll the time this blog post was taking you. Not feeling behind (because you wanted to do OTHER things beside just this week’s blog post).

You don’t need to hire freelance writers.

You don’t need to increase your typing speed to 175 words per minute.

You don’t need years of blogging experience.

You just need a rock-solid jumping off point (a template), and some step-by-step guidance that makes creation EZ MODE.

You need 1HR BLOG POST.


$432 in tools.

Now only $47

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Yo, why you still reading this far down? It’s an absolute no-brainer at this price point. You won’t regret it 😉